Living room in provence style - 80 photos of unusual design

Those who like furniture of unusual shape and a combination of different styles, correctly recognize the magnificence of the Art Nouveau and Provence, respectively.


Space in the style of Provence is necessary for those who want to equip their cozy and pretty place, which will remind of the bright summer and turquoise sky.

The second name of this interesting style is "French Country". The inhabitants of France masterfully understand the design and stylistic images. Provence gives a chance to make the room airy, romantic and fresh.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Ideas Provence
  • Space
  • Variants of colors in the style of Provence
  • Nuances in design
  • Conclusion
  • Photo design of the living room in the style of Provence

Ideas Provence

The design of the living room in the style of Provence, will carry the simplicity of the village with summer, sea elements. After all, those who live in a metropolis always want peace and seclusion. Therefore, some want to make a similar atmosphere in their apartment.


This design will be similar to country, only it has more different shades and weighty differences.

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Specification Provence:

  • Elegance of objects.
  • Tenderness of shades.
  • In decorating, only light decor elements are used.
  • Unusual.
  • Expressiveness.
  • A large number of embroideries.
  • Decoration with living plants.


All this distinguishes Provence from country.



The style of Provence must not be in your toilet or hallway, but in the central room. How to equip it more correctly?


You need to start with shades of color. Colors are recommended to use matte, not shiny. Very romantic will look in the room pictures under the chintz. Living room in the style of Provence with a fireplace will be just chic.


Ecology is a great value of style. This means that materials use natural materials.


So - in the subject will be forged items, especially if they look like old.


Of course - such materials are expensive, but there is nothing to do with brilliant and glass materials. But what, somehow save, use safe analogs.


Variants of colors in the style of Provence

This style requires saturated shades, not bright, but saturated! Therefore, you need to competently compose combinations of the right colors.


Look gently-blue shades, in small quantities, you can apply sea combinations.


The main thing when choosing colors is to make the atmosphere of a village with a cosiness, so it should not be in decorating dark combinations.

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Nuances in design

Textiles for Provence must be chosen rough, for example, flax and cotton with the image of flowers, strips or cells.

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The flooring in the room needs to be made of boards, linoleum here will not be on the case. As a decor, you can put a fluffy carpet. The ceiling remains a light shade.


It is necessary to approach the design of the windows separately. They should be as large as possible, to the full extent of the wall. In the interior in the style of Provence can not cope without tulle curtains, pastel shades.


If the room is a large area, you can realize here all your dreams and ideas. When space is limited, it will be more difficult to determine the choice of each element.

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Furniture in the living room in the style of Provence is necessary. It can be purchased in the store specially aged pieces of furniture. What would have been all by the rules, all items should be with a wooden base. With such furniture, the interior will be cozy and comfortable.


Since the antique elements in this style are only welcome, furniture that is woven or woven by hand will fit in nicely. Despite the cracks or scratches on the furniture, it looks neat and beautiful.

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Living room in the style of Provence is not just a room for gatherings, but a cozy hideaway in which you can relax from the noise of the city and dream about the sunny summer and the ocean coast.


Photo design of the living room in the style of Provence


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