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Colorful tiles in the bathroom

Would you like to see a multicolored rainbow every day in your bathroom? Today we will show you an unusual design project of one bathroom.

Only positive emotions come from her kind, which is why we decided to share this with you. Any bathroom should be designed and improved with such conditions that the face is not only clean and hygienic, but also a harmonious combination of colors in the interior, creating a positive mood and an iridescent mood.

Taking into account every detail in the functional equipment of the bathroom, it is possible to create an image of brilliant purity and comfort, which, regardless of the time of day, will attract attention and create a positive mood.

You can create a very unusual design of the bathroom, which will involuntarily create a positive emotional mood. For this idea it is best to use a rainbow palette of tile, consisting of all the colors of the rainbow.

Colorful tiles in the bathroom

A rational approach to the selection of tiles, the placement of accessories and the storage of supplies, is the main condition for the organization of a small and comfortable bathroom. If its area is not particularly large and has a small quadrature, this does not mean that its design can not differ in originality and in its unique style.

The most suitable solution is the option where in your bathroom the color scheme will be associated with the color of the sun and water and be perceived very favorably. The shades of blue and blue - the colors of the sky and water, green - the colors of the foliage and yellow - the colors of the sun will contribute most to this state.

The tile can be used to decorate not only the walls in the bathroom, but also the outside of the bath itself, which will emphasize the colorful correct combinations of tile colors. And no matter how much time passes, it will always look very bright and fresh.

Colorful tiles in the bathroom

The creators of the project, which we present to you today, is a married couple (husband - artist, wife - engineer) who came up with an unconventional bathroom design solution.

To update her husband and wife went all-in against the traditional color palette, and as a result, the interior of the room turned out to be superbly bright, cheerful and happy.

At sunset, when the sun's rays penetrate the window, the bathroom is illuminated by bright, juicy rainbow colors, which shout: "Plunge into the painted rainbow!" This phrase became the motto of their bathroom.

Contrasting combinations of white tiles with tiles of different colors of the rainbow, laid out chaotically, look very organic and are able to give all households only positive emotions. Ideas for interior design were taken from the Internet.

Colorful tiles in the bathroom

The creators of the project looked at a lot of photos until they stopped on this version, which you can see here. The embodiment of this idea took more than 34 different shades of tiles.

The peculiarity of the interior is the fact that for the embodiment of such a unique idea, the owners of the apartment painted the white tiles themselves in all the colors of the rainbow, placing it in a chaotic order.

The complexity of the project was that no single store could provide such a wide range of colors. Therefore, the tile was painted on its own. Such an idea, for example, can be an excellent design solution for a bathroom for children.

The bathroom is one of the important premises in the house where we start and finish our day, wash off all the accumulated negative and charge ourselves with energy. That's why the carefully designed and organized design of your bathroom is so important.

Do you consider it possible to make a similar project for your home? Share in the comments!