To owners of small balconies - some useful recommendations

Photo of decoration of balcony

A large, brightly lit balcony is probably the dream of any of us. However, in reality, most people in our country are faced with the addition to the room with the shape of an elongated rectangle, which has an area of ​​just a couple of meters. And especially often this is the case in small apartments, where every corner is already on the bill.

That is why the competent use of additional space can become a salutary solution, which is important to think carefully. So, if we have a closed room on all sides with a window frame, then the intermediate block between it and the balcony can be simply removed, using a load-bearing wall for the organization of a bar counter, a desktop, shelves for flowers. Thus visually the living space will expand, become more light.

In this case, the site, which was not previously inhabited, with the help of several seats and a table easily turns into a recreation area. In furniture stores you can find very interesting oversized couches or sets. If the need for such design is not, it is worth paying attention to the two walls, which will be exactly at your disposal.

Each of them can become the basis for open shelves or closed cabinets that do not interfere with sunlight. And there are a lot of options associated with this idea. For example, a carpet with a bright pattern plus open shelves for toys - and now the child has a place to practice. A folding table and a comfortable chair allow you to make a training desk for it.

On the balcony you can arrange closed offices for ordinary things, turning into a very comfortable clean pantry. At the same time, the supporting structure on which the interior window was leaning becomes the basis for the computer table. So, personal PC is moved out of the room, while actually remaining in it - it's saving a lot of space.

If the balcony is open, then in the same way you can install two side structures, on the horizontals of which a garden is arranged. Vegetables and greens, perennials and flowers, woven over the walls of ivy for six or even nine months a year will please their beauty and bring benefits. With a competent selection of varieties, you can organize a very interesting composition.

Cabinet on the balcony

Expansion of the space at the expense of the balcony is a very ergonomic solution.

Design of a small balcony Design of a small balcony

An open recreation area is also a very interesting option.

Design of a small balcony

Even the smallest balcony can be cozy. Own garden in several tiers - practical and beautiful.

Design of a small balcony

Greenery on the balcony is always relevant.

Design of a small balcony