Kitchen design 10 sq m - 30 photos of interior design ideas

Ten square meters of the area is enough to equip a comfortable kitchen. Space allows you to arrange a furniture set in a convenient manner, without limiting the freedom of movement. However, a good quadrature is not a guarantee of proper design. Specialists insist that the kitchen design of 10 sq. M should be not only stylish, but also functional. Therefore, designers have developed several recommendations for decoration for owners of such premises. It is important to understand that modern cuisine does not just serve the function of cooking food. In her "duties" also includes providing guests with a place for gatherings, master's rest among the week. Further, we will present these developments in more detail, so that the reader has a holistic impression.

First of all, it concerns the minimal set: a plate, a refrigerator and a working table. Without them, it's hard to imagine a functional room. Depending on the number of people living, the value of this set will change in direct proportion. For example, a bachelor lifestyle does not imply the existence of a long dining table, a large number of chairs.

Corner kitchen in wenge color

Another thing is when the apartment has a large family, which, in addition to the table, will also need many furniture products. We are talking about lockers for placing kitchen accessories that allow us to take good care of our children. These lockers should be of a closed type, so that a small child does not have the opportunity to get a juicer or blender, and injure them.

Light rectangular kitchen 10 sq mLight rectangular kitchen 10 sq m

General trends in kitchen design

Since the modern premise is multifunctional, the interior of the kitchen of 10 sq. M assumes a thoughtful zoning of the space. The smallest possible variant is its division into the following two zones:

1. Working area - is intended for the process of cooking. It is located where it is possible to connect necessary engineering communications. Here, without fail, there is a main kitchen equipment, as well as a sink and a furniture set.

Kitchen interior 10 sq. M

The cabinet for the maintenance of household chemicals should not be located next to the products.

It is quite possible to place the working area near the wall with a window, if this does not cause problems with connecting all communications.

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Square kitchen 10 sq m

2. Dining area - is intended for the process of eating. Technological design of the designed kitchen of 10 sq. Allows to equip this zone not only with a table and chairs. Here you can place a soft corner, provide a place for a sideboard, ergonomic lockers for accessories.

Kitchen with эркером 10 кв м

A fashionable trend is the practical use of multifunctional elements of the interior. This leads to a saving of useful space in the kitchen and reduces the number of required equipment, without depriving it of the necessary functions at the same time. Furniture can also be a multi-purpose destination.

Black and white kitchen 10 sq m

Methods of zoning the interior

It can be implemented using different methods:

  • Multilevel lighting. Competent design of the kitchen 10 sq.m. m allows you to organize in a given space local illumination of individual sections. Various types of lamps are placed as conveniently as possible for the owner: they can be built into a furniture set, hung on walls, arranged on the ceiling, and simply placed on a horizontal plane. The task for these devices is one - to illuminate the functional areas well.
  • Decorative finish. It is possible to use different colors and textures of finishing materials. A pronounced textured surface visually separates kitchen objects from each other no worse than color. To separate the functional areas from each other, you need to arrange the headset of one of them is darker. As a rule, this can be a working area. Kitchen at the wall
  • Podium organization. Elevation can be created in any of the zones. It allows a very clear demarcation of space.
  • Installation of partitions. The most obvious method of delimiting zones, which is creatively used by modern designers. As partitions, they apply the decor elements present in the room. With the function of dividing the zones, the bar counter is doing fine. Also, a kitchen corner can be divided into parts.

Black and white kitchen

Many users want to zoning the premises using different styles of decor. However, it is recommended to design the kitchen of 10 square meters in a single key, since a harmonious combination of contrasting stylistics is a difficult task.

Kitchen with a bar at the window

Decorating the room

In addition to the multifunctional equipment of the working space, the design of the kitchen of 10 sq m suggests finishing works. Facing materials for the surface of kitchen walls are usually plastic panels and washable wallpaper. The flooring is made with tiles, laminate or a budget option - linoleum.

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Corner kitchen with bright apron

At the same time, different shades can be used, which, in addition to delimiting zones, are designed to compensate for some or other drawbacks of the layout. Sometimes you need to expand the space, for which the dark colors of decoration materials are used to emphasize the bright accents. However, you should be careful with the color palette, because saturated colors should harmoniously look with all the other elements in the kitchen.

Kitchen with sofa

Popularity has won materials that imitate natural stone or leather. These stylized cladding elements adorn the kitchen with the image of noble wood, brickwork and other natural ingredients.

Beige kitchen with green curtains

If in the past, strict requirements were imposed on furniture and white color options were not even considered, then progressive technologies radically changed this situation. Now the surface of a practical headset is easily cleaned of dirt, and the snow-white purity of the decor symbolizes the cleanliness of the owners.

Kitchen combined with balcony

The layout of the kitchen with an area of ​​10 sq m

Typical layouts of kitchen elements in space are the following:

  • Layout of the letter G. Strict, the classic version implies an ergonomic placement of the plate, washing bowl and installation of the refrigerator. Since access to these kitchen components is the most important, it should be as simple as possible. It is important to ensure freedom of movement.
  • Place the headset in a straight line. Usually this method of planning is used in small kitchens. However, the owners of a room of 10 square meters can also use this technique for good. It is enough to choose a stylish set with bright accents. It can be as minimalist white decor, and pompous baroque. The main thing is that there is room for imagination. Kitchen with access to the balcony
  • Corner layout. Many are considered the best option, because it saves a useful area in the kitchen. The compact arrangement of all kitchen elements facilitates the life of the hostess, and free space leaves room for the organization in it a corner for relaxation. A soft sofa or coffee table will look great with a separate zone. The practicality of this method is also to ensure the safety of holidaymakers who are not threatened by the aggressive environment of the work area.
  • Location of the kitchen table in the center, in the form of an island. This option is extremely stylish. The original decision to place a multifunctional table in the middle creates new opportunities. It can be made mobile without fixing in one place. Such an island may well become a cabinet near the wall, freeing up the central space. Also, it quickly transforms into an ordinary dining table, if it is placed in the center of the kitchen. The lower part of the island is conveniently equipped with compact divisions for storage of accessories or products. To design the design of a given area - this is one of the most suitable options.
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U-shaped kitchen

Features kitchen design 10 sq. M with balcony

The presence of a balcony in the layout of the kitchen creates for the owner a pleasant dilemma: to organize from it the continuation of the interior or leave alone. If there is a need for an additional quadrature, then such an approach is quite possible. In this case, on the balcony you can place various furniture products to store food or other things. This is the first thing that comes to mind, but the creation of a dining area on the loggia, with the installation of a table and chairs, became popular.

Corner kitchen with balcony

It is better not to curtain the glazed balcony. Short curtains, light curtains provide better freedom of movement of the owner, as well as additional lighting of the kitchen space.

Kitchen with two door fridge

In view of the good lighting, the suite on the balcony is selected in dark shades, and the walls are decorated with light finishing materials.

The cardinal method of changing the layout is to demolish the wall that separates the balcony from the kitchen. After that, within the chosen style, a partition is arranged. It could be an arch or something else.

Kitchen with apron made of glass

Style selection for design

The area of ​​10 sq. M allows you to apply a variety of styles, but the most popular is still the classic. This style implies the use of massive furniture products, elegant accessories, and household appliances are built into the headset. Open shelves are designed to accommodate beautiful accessories that match the style.

Kitchen with French window

An interesting option is to use the stylistics of American country. This cozy design assumes the use of exclusively natural components: furniture made from natural wood, finishing materials of pastel color, textile accessories.

Kitchen color wenge

Minimalist design is devoid of a lot of frills, uses artificial finishing materials and is designed to save space. High-tech is characterized by the presence of a large number of steel and glass elements of the situation. Modernity is attributed to the active use of glossy details, bright color combinations with plant patterns on the walls, as well as built-in lamps.

Provencal cuisine


A competent approach to organizing a kitchen design of 10 sq. M allows you to create a cozy atmosphere and to compensate for possible shortcomings in the layout of the premises. Following our recommendations, the owner can easily begin to develop a design project.