Kitchen design 8 sq m - 30 photo examples

Bright kitchen

To equip a small kitchen to make it turn from a banal, improvised premises into a comfortable, beautiful space for life and communication is not difficult. Learn how to create a kitchen design 8 sq. M. m not only comfortable and functional, but also fashionable. The latest decisions of designers and manufacturers meet any requests, it remains to be inspired by the photo and choose the solution that appeals to you. The area does not limit the possibilities of the interior, when the priorities are properly placed.

For example, a window sill should be used to the maximum, especially with a good view from the window:

  • transfer of the shell;
  • bar counter;
  • worktop;
  • linear layout of the dining area.

Apron of blue tiles with a pattern

Location of the headset and its dimensions - one of the main factors affecting the further distribution of space. Think about the possibility of moving the doorway, changing the door to a sliding modification.

For a small kitchen, the criteria for materials, accessories, furniture will be:

  • practicality;
  • durability;
  • ergonomics;
  • embedding;
  • environmental friendliness.

White narrow kitchen

Style and color

Many modern styles allow you to enjoy the beauty of functional design, conciseness, clarity of forms. This is modern luxury, industrial chic without unnecessary frills, making it difficult to clean and concealing precious space. Minimalism, high-tech, any modern mood will help the TV not to break out of a single space.

Stylish kitchen on 8 squares

If you want a more relaxed, cozy and at the same time elegant - the neoclassic:

  • moderate main palette;
  • a few accent tones;
  • a reduced amount of decor.

Outfitted kitchen

The easiest way to add a "conditional" space is to use light tones for most of the surfaces:

  • white;
  • shades of light gray;
  • cream, beige.

Kitchen 8 meters

Almost half of the solutions are based on a combination of achromatic colors, fashionable black and white. White is the main color, and black works to increase the space, if used in doses in industrial styles. Add energy to monochrome interiors can be using bright accents or differences in textures.

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Kitchen in the corner of the room

For calmer, vintage and retro styles use a white union with shades of soft coffee range, more matte surfaces. The combination of textures and colors show the plane:

  • a tree of light colors is appropriate always and everywhere;
  • Mosaic - for a small kitchen instead of a standard tile.

Classic furniture set

The color palette can charge with energy. A few facades are enough, for example, bright yellow, turquoise on a light gray background. It goes well with metal parts of a sink, mixer.

High-tech hood of circular shape

Surfaces - effective finishing

Uniform painting is the simplest, budgetary method, both practical and environmentally friendly. Combination with alternative materials will give a stylishness: a combination with wallpaper close to the color in the area of ​​food intake. An additional vertical pattern, the strips will save at a low ceiling. By the way, it is better to make it as simple as possible, white, but matte or glossy is a matter of taste.

A colored glass apron in a white kitchen

The tile under the brick loft style does not go out of fashion. New collections make it possible to be particularly proud of this part of the kitchen. The bright color of summer, green grass is not only the last trend, but also a real opportunity to set a positive mood. And there is a soft blue, sunny yellow. Such non-standard solutions always look fresh. The combination of vertical rows of white bricks, two shades of turquoise of different saturation and light gray - is unconventional and definitely not gloomy. Such little urban motives will help to create a design for a more youthful kitchen of 8 square meters. m.

Checkered chess pieces in black and white

Uneven walls require alignment. Structural wallpaper for painting will help to keep the necessary centimeters.

Wallpaper on the kitchen wall

The accent wall, this popular design move, has the right to exist in the kitchen of 8 sq.m. When the table is set in the corner - this part can act as a contrast accent, especially if the dining room furniture is monochrome.

The surface of the floor should also work to increase the space:

  • one-ton bulk;
  • laying tiles diagonally;
  • Narrow kitchen - laying across the parquet board, laminate.

The Black Beagle Kitchen

The set - enhancing expressiveness

The latest presented novelties demonstrate the desire to simplify the life of the owners and at the same time not to overload the interior, make it refined and a little "non-smoking". This is true when there is a desire to equip a small kitchen with a rest area, possibly with a sofa.

Kitchen furniture on one wall

Deep cabinets-columns allow:

  • get rid of objects, usually visually littering the room;
  • At the same time, free the worktop that is in short supply;
  • erase the clear boundary between the residential and culinary part.
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Kitchen of unusual shape

The cabinet - the column can be wide - 1-1,2 m. The folding door will allow unproblematic opening, and can accommodate from the coffee machine to the oven and there will still be a lot of space hiding the kitchen attributes and small appliances. Having got rid of excess inventory, allow the headset to appear in a winning form.

In the cabinet-column you can hide the refrigerator

Facades matter:

  • Reduced width and half the depth for the upper tier or one wing, when the kitchen is L-shaped.
  • The combination of smooth and relief facades will not allow the latter to look monotonous. The combination of matte and glossy varnish coating will work to increase the space.
  • Without visible pens.

A small green kitchen

Another perspective of the kitchen is green

Consider the possibility to make the facades as high as possible, to the level of the ceiling: less to clean, while simultaneously using the useful area. Hide the air duct and gas column - it will not be superfluous, even if neatly decorated, they are knocked out of the concept of "fashionable" interior, which catches your eye even on some photos. But the "floating" models on the open legs, supposedly adding weightlessness, only add to the hassle of cleaning the floor, stealing up to 10 cm of space of the socle.

Folding table in the kitchen

Furniture and appliances - reaching the impossible

Modern industry has brought plastic furniture to a new level. Molded plastic:

  • the best colors for bright accents;
  • a combination with spectacular legs, from other materials, emphasizing the style;
  • transparent models to facilitate the interior of a small kitchen 8 sq. m. m.

Corner kitchen

Folding models of countertops or with folding wings - a reasonable solution in order to save space.

Round table in small kitchen

For small-sized kitchen appliances, the following parameters are required:

  • high performance;
  • compact size;
  • a certain style and color.

Standard furniture arrangement in the kitchen

Small home appliances with prints of bright colors, cheerful ornaments will allow the kitchen even light, quiet colors of surface finish to look attractive. Wall hood, table dishwasher - will save space.

Linear kitchen

If the kitchen is not designed for active use in a large family, then the modest size of the built-in equipment is fully justified.

Hob (gas and electro) width, cm4 hotplates,


2 burners,


Dishwasher, width, cm6035-40
Refrigerator, height, cm180-20080 for a width of 48
Microwave, G * W, cm45*5036*45
Extraction, V * D, cm30*5030*28

Devices with multipotential: an oven with microwave function or a mini station for bachelors, which allows you to make toast, coffee and fried eggs at the same time.

Classical cuisine

Light - pushing the boundaries

Lighting plays an important role in the design of small rooms, such as a kitchen of 8 square meters. m. Look more, it will be more attractive:

  • built-in point spot system;
  • LED lighting headset;
  • similar to the area of ​​the apron, working surface;
  • wall sconces in the dining area;
  • backlight bar.
Narrow kitchen on two sidesNarrow and elongated kitchen on two sides

The central chandelier with a low ceiling is better to avoid, because even with good, intensive lighting, it can not cope alone, giving shadows, changing the headset is not in a better way. Ceiling models of fixtures are better placed for lighting the culinary zone or vice versa, residential, having a pair or several small linearly.

Part of the kitchen without upper cabinetsPart of the kitchen without the top cabinets on 8 squares

The included lighting makes the cabinets light, airy. If the hinged modules have insets of frosted glass - an additional plus. Almost all samples of kitchen sets, interior solutions of the season emphasize the sufficient inclusion of LED lighting, even for more classical, frame facades. The combined inclusion of LED elements can be colored, allowing you to change the appearance of the kitchen, transforming it.

Placing a TV in the kitchen

Decor is decisive

Kitchen, which has small dimensions, should not be overloaded with decorative elements. The decor should carry at least a minimum meaning. Standard methods can easily be turned into trend ones:

  • Towels. Allow to create a mood with bright prints, inscriptions, becoming full-fledged art objects.
  • Color mixer - with enamel inserts or in the color of a stone sink;
  • Spice containers - with transparent covers, magnetic inserts can hang on the refrigerator, saving space and pleasing the eye. Beautiful cookbooks - just behind the glass.

White kitchen for apartments Khrushchev

  • Dosed soft shine of brass, copper, bronze parts of lamps, spots on unusual bars, other accessories will make the kitchen shine even when it's cloudy outside the window.
  • The bright color of the rear walls of the upper glass or open modules - even ordinary, inexpensive white dishes will look good.
  • Spicy herbs in neat pots are cute and useful.
Kitchen with windows in the floorKitchen with windows in the floor in front of the balcony

All in all, will allow you to choose the perfect solution, completely individual in functionality, allowing you to get a maximum of a small area of ​​7-8 m2.