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What is the Loft style and how does it look?

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The idea of ​​cuisine in loft style came to us from Western masters, it is a combination of the most modern materials and new technique of execution, but the kitchen itself looks like it is in the stage of decoration.

This option is great for industrial premises, for example, for a shop, warehouse, old factory or attic, but with this originality can envy any other style of kitchen design. This can be seen by comparing the kitchen photo in loft style with other styles.


The variant of such simple and at the same time original and modern kitchen very much approaches young, vigorous creative natures, and still that is able to competently save. And all because, one of the features of the kitchen design in the loft style is, for example, a brick or concrete wall, not treated, yes, that's it!


And if it's really brick, it's the way to leave it. In addition, it is very harmonious in the kitchen can fit into the same old pot-bellied refrigerator, which has long been gathering dust at many in the country.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Important in Loft style
  • Let's look at the materials for lofts
  • Loft furniture
  • The right choice of technology with a loft
  • Remember the details
  • A lot of the world
  • Loft in a small kitchen
  • Kitchen in the living room or living room in the kitchen
  • Paints and colors for lofts
  • Recommendations from designers
  • Kitchen photo in loft style

Important in Loft style

One of the main features of the kitchen in loft style is an open space, no walls, partitions, and therefore the most important area distribution is zoning. Materials for decoration are mainly used by those that are characteristic of industrial premises.


In addition to the finishing of concrete and brick, you need to pay attention to furniture, it should be rough, but practical and not yield in its functionality to modern trends. It is not necessary to use outdated technology, you can and even need the most modern stylized for the old.


Another important factor for the loft style in the interior of the kitchen is the light - the more, the better, it does not matter whether it is artificial or natural.


The more originality, creativity and new performance techniques, the more functional the kitchen will be. In general, loft cuisine can be described as a successful combination of old and new, which is displayed in the materials, surfaces and technology used.

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Let's look at the materials for lofts

We go to the store for materials and remember the main principle of loft in the kitchen: we spend the minimum amount of money and get the maximum effect and pleasure. There is immediately a question - and this is how? But here's how: the walls are not treated in any way, if they are concrete or red-brown, that is, brick ones. If a smooth wall, you can use white paint or artificial brick.


The main task is to preserve the industrial effect. With ceilings everything is easier. Special rough plaster and wooden or iron beams. Then we pay attention to the kitchen apron. The most common glossy tiles or tin sheets will strengthen the effect especially with the emitted rudeness. And the most important thing in the kitchen is furniture. And then the freedom of flying the imagination of the owner of the future cuisine in the loft style is declared.

Let's go to the toilet

Absolutely any furniture, absolutely any materials, anything you like, wood, plastic, glass, metal, the main thing is that it does not look like a royal "something" with a royal ornament. This should harmoniously combine with the chosen texture and at the same time be able to competently use the contrast of the selected materials.


The main task of the kitchen loft style is using a variety of techniques and materials as accurately as possible to create a sense of attic, an abandoned warehouse, an empty factory. There should be the impression of a working technical room, but at the same time, the kitchen must be cozy, functional and harmonious.


Loft furniture

The main requirement for choosing furniture is functionality and conciseness. From the point of view of cabinets, this can be the most complex and diverse layouts of boxes and they will have the usual forms that will allow them to become the basis of the working space.


When determining the choice of kitchen appliances, you should pay attention to the color and appearance, it should be in harmony with the furniture set.


The right choice of technology with a loft

In the kitchen with loft-style design, it is important to be able to combine modern technology with the technology of the past. For example, the old Soviet plate can perfectly match the latest refrigerator. A distinctive feature of the loft style is the availability of all kinds of household appliances, from plasma to toaster and electric grills, they will be quite appropriate in the kitchen.

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Remember the details

The idea of ​​kitchen loft came to us from the west, namely from Americans, so the presence of a small share of American classics will be very handy. A toaster, a microwave, a minimum of dishes on the table - these are the details that are inherent in the American people. You can even put a bar in the kitchen, and it will be the highlight of the kitchen - loft.


A lot of the world

With regard to lighting, this style can be safely called one of the brightest. The loft feature is high ceilings, wide windows, the absence of curtains and the presence of all kinds of lamps, chandeliers, sconces. The more original and non-standard they will be, the more appropriate is their availability in the loft-style kitchen.


Loft in a small kitchen

Not every person can have a large space in his kitchen, often apartment kitchens hardly reach 12 square meters, and there are also happy owners of kitchens in 5 square meters. Can a loft fit in such a small space?


Can, without any special effort. The decoration of walls, floors, ceilings does not require particularly complex work, they remain as natural as possible, and functional furniture will help to correctly place all the necessary zones.


Kitchen in the living room or living room in the kitchen

Following the latest fashion trends in design, it is increasingly observed that in large houses for the kitchen do not allocate a separate room, it is part of the living room. With the help of a loft and its zoning features, it's not difficult to make a dining area in the living room, and the working area of ​​the kitchen itself is not difficult.

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The brick wall or functional furniture can come to the aid, it is possible to divide space by means of colors of a floor covering.


Paints and colors for lofts

Defining the loft as a kitchen style of an industrial old factory or workshop, dull and gray tones unwittingly appear in my head. But experienced designers each time prove the opposite. A colored loft is not a gloomy paint, but a combination of rich red, purple, and blue tones.


Standard colors, still remain gray, brown, the color of concrete and brick wall, but this does not interfere with the designer to properly arrange them, so that in the end turned out to be a masterpiece.


Recommendations from designers

Kitchen loft style does not like the availability of curtains, it is much better if the windows are as simple as possible and without decor.


If there is no possibility to remove the doors to the kitchen, or there is a desire to leave them, then the doors themselves should be chosen as simple as possible. Let them be metal, or, for example, glass.

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If there is a desire to place graffiti, then it is quite possible to afford this. Graffiti in the style of pop art will be relevant.


But chandeliers and lamps need to choose the most unusual and not familiar to the human eye, high-tech lighting will be appropriate in loft style kitchens.


The style of the loft in the world of design is a special style that is accessible to everyone, and at the same time, its beauty and originality are in no way inferior to the latest design solutions. And the main and powerful factor of this style is accessibility even in difficult financial times.

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Kitchen in the loft style will not only keep the wallet, but also make the main place in the house the most beloved.


Kitchen photo in loft style

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