Small kitchens - a photo of interesting design options for a

The kitchens of our time are equipped with a different set of equipment and all kinds of appliances designed for storage and cooking.


Owners of a large kitchen space simply enough to place everything necessary, but the owners of a small area will have to work a little to accommodate everything and preserve functionality.

To properly install everything, you can use some ideas of a small kitchen. It is important to create not only a multi-functional interior, but also a cozy and warm atmosphere.


We will have to revise the various types of planning for the installation of furniture and equipment, in order to fully resolve all desires of the owners. Below are some photos of small kitchens


Table of contents of the article:

  • Basic rules for the design of a small kitchen
  • Decoration of color and light
  • Using Space
  • Shape of lockers
  • Appliances
  • Important Tips
  • Photo of an interior of a small kitchen

Basic rules for the design of a small kitchen

Each hostess is more in the kitchen than the other family members. She cooks, feeds her family, meets guests and accomplishes much more. For all this, the kitchen should have sufficient free space and accordingly all its components should occupy a minimum of space, but at the same time perform all its functions.


To create a modern and comfortable design for a small kitchen, it is important to remember:

  • Color scale;
  • Installing the kitchen set;
  • The necessary equipment;
  • Further permutation.


Having a kitchen of no more than 6 square meters, you can use the option of installing a mini fridge or simply move it to another room. This may not be very convenient, but will make room for something else.


In any kitchen important are the sink, refrigerator and stove, their installation needs to be thought through. The most optimal option is the principle of a triangle. After their placement, it remains only to distribute the remaining items.


It is also necessary to distinguish the working areas in advance. For example, if you make the main place for cooking, then there will not be so much space for eating.


Decoration of color and light

To visually increase the area of ​​the kitchen, use light colors.


To create a live design, add a bright color. With good lighting of the kitchen space, dark shades will look good, they will accentuate the entire interior.


Correctly created lighting in a small kitchen is also very important. Additional sources can visually increase space. They can be placed in the vicinity of the table or on the working area.


Using Space

In any room there are dead zones that are not used, but in small kitchens it is undesirable to admit this. It is necessary to use literally every angle.


The window sill can be used under the dining table.


Recommended! Use the space between the countertop and pendant lockers to increase the space.


Shape of lockers

Kitchen set for the design of a small kitchen should be in accordance with its configuration. Having an oblong area, it is better to install cabinets in the form of a straight line. For a square, the L-shaped one is perfect.

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Recommended! To save space, use a sliding and folding furniture. If you slightly reduce the depth of the cabinets, you can also increase the free space. Furniture and a table with rounded edges will prevent possible injuries.


Recommended! Use one door in multi-story cabinets.


The use of glass elements will add ease and sophistication, but they will require more careful care.



The right choice of equipment and its installation will save all the necessary functions of the kitchen. It is better to give preference to the built-in models, they are small in size.


It is not necessary to install the oven above the stove, it can be installed in suspended furniture.

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The combined table top will allow easy placement of household appliances. All the layout of the equipment will have to be carefully thought through.

small kitchen-6

How to design a small kitchen and expand the area? The simplest option would be the unification of the kitchen and the living room, using redevelopment.

little_kitchen 10

Just a small kitchen can be expanded at the expense of the balcony.


Important Tips

Using the recommendations of experienced professionals, you can organize a cozy and functional space.


1. It is desirable to replace the door with a sliding door.

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2. The kitchen set is better to choose glossy.

3. You can place a mirror in front of the window or above the table, which will visually increase the space.

4. For the floor, give preference to the tile or the tile of light colors.

5. Use the whole free space.

6. Have a large cutting board, you can put it on a sink and use it in case of a convenient case.

7. Use the railing system.

8. Everything is well planned.


Considering all the above recommendations, we hope that you will manage to make the most of the space and realize all that has been planned.

small kitchens2

Photo of an interior of a small kitchen











little kitchen-03





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