What can be the design for the kitchen 11 square meters. m.

To design the kitchen area of ​​11 square meters. m should be approached seriously and responsibly, since in our time this part of the dwelling should combine at least three things:

  1. Functionality. In the interior of the kitchen should be rationally fit: all the necessary equipment, furniture and a place where you can sit down and have a bite.
  2. Convenience. Since the kitchen is a room for cooking, in a sense it is a workplace. And to work easily, the workplace should be convenient. Therefore, in addition to the task of putting everything you need on 11 square meters, you still have to decide how to arrange everything in a certain order.
  3. Comfort. Kitchen, as you know, is the center of the whole house, a place of friendly and family gatherings. Accordingly, it should be nice and comfortable to be here. Therefore, in addition to the convenience of working in the kitchen, it is necessary to take care of the color palette and decorative details that will make this part of the house or apartment a cozy place.

It is worth devoting some time or money to planning and designing a room. Eleven square meters make it possible to realize all this without much difficulty.

A good example

A good example of design. Furniture light tones visually makes the kitchen room more spacious.

Competent design solution

A competent design solution for a small kitchen. There is even room for a small bar.

Modern kitchen in high-tech style

Modern kitchen in high-tech style. Interestingly chosen lighting for the working kitchen area.

Kitchen 11 square meters. m. in eclectic style

Kitchen 11 square meters. m. in the style of eclecticism. Thinly thought out design intent harmoniously combined into one-sided kitchen furniture with upholstered furniture in the dining area.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Features of the kitchen layout
  • 2 Combining the kitchen with a hallway or balcony
  • 3 Tips for design
  • 4 More photo-ideas for lay-out

Features of the kitchen layout

In addition to the restrictions on the footage on the interior and design of the kitchen will also affect the shape of the room, the location of windows, possible access to the balcony. There are several types of kitchen arrangement:

  1. The furniture is placed along one of the long walls. This option is well suited for rectangular rooms, the width of which is 2 and less than a meter. The dining area can then be placed along another wall or at the window.
  2. The cooking zone (furniture) is located along 2 walls. This option is suitable when the width of the room is about 2.5 m. The table can be installed near the window.
  3. L-shaped version. A popular scheme. Suitable for both a square room and relatively wide (from 2.3 m) rectangular rooms. In this case, the working set is located in one of the corners. Opposite him, you can put a square or rectangular table with a corner sofa.
  4. U-shaped type. An excellent option if the room is square. The furniture is located along 3 walls. If space allows, you can set the table in the center.

In addition to the options for placing furniture and appliances in the kitchen, you should pay attention to the furniture itself.

Small kitchen space

The kitchen space is used as economically as possible. Hinged cabinets allow you to keep the working area free.

Bordeaux-black kitchen

Bordovo-black cuisine is an extraordinary decision. But it looks nice enough.

Violet-pink design

Correctly chosen colors and lighting - and you never say that the area of ​​this kitchen is 11 squares.

When designing kitchen design, you can prefer drawers instead of shelves. They are more roomy, and the things placed in them will be easier to get. Hinged lockers can also be of different designs. Convenient will be the shelves with a special mechanism that will allow you not to reach for the shelves, but to lower them.

An interesting solution in the interior of the kitchen at eleven square meters will be the cargo. It can be used in both small cabinets and a separate pull-out section in a place where an ordinary cabinet will not be appropriate.

Various rails, organizers, corner cupboards - all this allows you to free the work surfaces and save space in the kitchen.

Bright kitchen furniture

Bright kitchen furniture is an excellent solution for a small kitchen.

Kitchen table, combined with the working surface of the kitchen

The kitchen table, combined with the working surface of the kitchen, is an ergonomic solution of space if you want more freedom.

Furniture for kitchen

Furniture for kitchen from dark wood always looks favorably.

Combining the kitchen with a hallway or balcony

Often the kitchen has access to the balcony. This is a good way to expand the kitchen area by combining two spaces. It is not even necessary for this to disassemble the wall completely. Combine the kitchen with a balcony you can by removing the window and door, and the rest of the window sill is redone under the bar. Naturally, at the same time it will be necessary to work with the balcony: to insulate the walls and the floor, perhaps to replace the double-glazed windows, change the heating scheme. But in this way there will be an additional place, which can be used for different purposes:

  • install a refrigerator or arrange a pantry for storing food;
  • organize a dining area on the balcony;
  • to equip a recreation area by installing a table with a sofa

If there is no exit to the balcony, you can enlarge the kitchen area by combining it with the living room. If initially this option is not provided for in the layout, the wall between these rooms is demolished. The kitchen, combined with the living room, is quite a popular design solution in our time.

Many functional drawers

Many housewives appreciate a lot of functional boxes.

Kitchen is combined with a loggia

Functional kitchen is combined with a loggia, which allows to increase its area.

Great solution for the kitchen

Modern designers for the rational use of the kitchen space often take the dining area out of the kitchen. Excellent solution for the kitchen.

The resulting space can be issued in different ways. There are interiors where the kitchen-living room is divided into zones by color contrast or options for decoration. Or, these rooms are designed in one style, forming a common space.

Tips for design

As mentioned above, in addition to convenience and functionality, the design of the kitchen requires a lot of attention and interior design. It is worth to carefully consider the selection of finishing materials and a palette of colors that will be used in the interior of the kitchen. Here, too, has its own characteristics.

While your eleven square meters of kitchen are empty, they can seem spacious. But the more room is filled with appliances and furniture, the less space it becomes. In addition to compact solutions with shelves and cabinets, colors and decor materials will help to visually increase the space.

Furniture set white and dark purple

The furniture set is white and dark purple with a large number of drawers and hanging cabinets in harmony with the built-in appliances.

Stylish kitchen

Stylish kitchen - there was a place even for a picture.

Designing and developing the interior and design of the kitchen 11 sq. M. meters, it is worth choosing light furniture and a headset, since it is the light colors that visually increase the space. You can combine light colors with dark ones, but in this case the first should be more.

You can win space by choosing a minimalist design, which involves a minimum of furniture, but a maximum of functionality.

Glass and metal surfaces will reflect the sun's rays more, which means there will be more light in the room, and the room will appear more spacious. As an option in this case - the design of the kitchen 11 square meters. meters in high-tech style.

A practical solution

An excellent example of the fact that under the working kitchen surface can be used and the sill. A practical solution for a small kitchen.

Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen in the house of the French family.

The kitchen is a multifunctional part of an apartment or house. It is very important to think in advance of the things before starting the repair. Starting from this, it is possible to make an accurate scheme of electrical wiring and sewerage, so as not to get tangled in the wires, or not to run from the sink to the stove across the room. Everything should be in place and should not interfere with cooking or gathering at the same table.

More photo-ideas for planning