Characteristics of the mediterranean style in landscape

Mediterranean style in landscape design is becoming increasingly popular. The Mediterranean Sea is located in the subtropical zone, and on its coast is growing a huge number of different varieties of flowers and abundantly flowering shrubs.

The Mediterranean garden in the middle zone of Russia can not boast of a riot and a variety of subtropical vegetation. Therefore, in a temperate climate, the style design is achieved using natural or artificially made stones, marble chips, various types of sea pebbles and the cultivation of adapted subtropical plants in vases.

Courtyard in Mediterranean style

Landscaping in the Mediterranean style is decorated with large clay vases, in which graceful flowers grow.

Courtyard of a country house

Mediterranean style is noteworthy for the use of various types of tiles for decor. Terracotta tiles were used to decorate the garden path leading to the house.

The garden in the Mediterranean style is decorated with all kinds of retaining walls, stairs and terraces. Mediterranean style combines elements of the art of ancient Greece, Rome and modernity. One of the chips of this style is the toparia. A special shearing of plants to give them original shapes makes the design of the garden individual and memorable.

Important: the Mediterranean style virtually eliminates the use of lawns. All plants are planted in suspended vases, floor tubs, ceramic pots.

Abundance of flowers in the yard

The abundance of flowers is one of the distinctive features of the Mediterranean style.

Fountain in the courtyard

The fountain for the decoration of the courtyard is selected in accordance with the requirements of the Mediterranean style.

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Characteristic features of style

The garden in Mediterranean style resembles a Moorish garden: a small patio-patio, a small plot and a blank wall of a fence. The color scheme is expressed in blue, white, terracotta and yellow. The Mediterranean Sea has mountainous beaches, so this style is ideal for sites located in a hilly area.

The landscape design of the Mediterranean style bears the main idea: unity with nature and creating a sense of the boundlessness of the sky.

A large number of flowers are planted in the garden, small trees growing in the pots of the Mediterranean Sea are brought out in ceramic pots to the street: oleanders, laurels, figs, thuys.

Required attributes of the Mediterranean courtyard are an open gazebo, veranda, terraces, fountains and paths of stone of light shades or ceramic tiles of a shade inherent in clay.

The landscape design of the garden does not tie to the center of the site, in this style such a concept as the center of the site is completely absent. Elements of design are not connected by any semantic load.

Pergola, wrapped in a winegrowth

Pergola, entwined with grapes, creates a shadow, which has a small place for rest in the Mediterranean style.

Ceramic pots with flowers in the yard

Ceramic pots with flowers are used to decorate the courtyard in the Mediterranean style.

The arbor, like the fountain, is located in any part of the site. The fountain can be made by hand from natural or artificial cobblestones. His composition is well complemented by statues or ceramics.

One of the ways of styling is the construction of picturesque ruins. As the ruins Greek and Roman columns, parts of statues and facade ornaments, fragments of pottery will suit.

The landscape design of the Mediterranean style allows the installation of many structures that can depict people, heroes of myths and legends, animals. Sculptures and statues are set as stand-alone, and in compositional groups.

Important: when performing landscape design, you should follow the measure in the installation of sculptures, as the excess of them will negatively affect the stylistic component of the garden.

The abundance of tracks on the site is caused by the need to have an approach to a variety of design elements. The paths are laid, given a single requirement: that it was convenient for everyone who lives in the house.

Beautiful garden

Dense green vegetation, fresh flowers and a small shop, as a place for privacy - all that is needed to decorate the garden in the Mediterranean style.

Cozy arbor in the yard

A cozy arbor near the artificial pond becomes a key part of the landscape design in the Mediterranean style.

Flowers and plants

The Mediterranean landscape in the garden is achieved by lush vegetation. First of all, a large number of abundantly flowering plants and flowers are planted on the site. In this style it is customary to plant flowers of one kind with a large clearing so that they stand out as a large bright spot.

Of flowers are usually planted perennials: clematis, echinacea, chamomile, rudbeckia, fragrant tobacco, irises, hops. Gladiolus, convolvulus, giant onion are grown along the fence. In the ceramic pots and various flower beds are sowed sweet peas and fire beans, marigolds, varicella calendula, zinnia, petunia, nasturtium, ornamental grass.

Pergola is an open gazebo, it is planted with girlish or Amur grapes, or better with cultivated varieties. On the territory of the site are planted boxwood, spindle grass, kalina buldenezh, ornamental honeysuckle.

From the trees you can plant fruit trees, walnut, chestnut, thuju western, columnar sorts of fruit trees.

In the Mediterranean style, plants with a strong, rich aroma, and plants with long and narrow leaves are welcome.

Pergola - open pergola

Pergola - open gazebo for outdoor recreation. The tree is organically combined with a natural stone.

For the design of the landscape in the Mediterranean style, an English lawn was used, which together with an abundance of flowers makes the garden rich and colorful.

For the design of the landscape in the Mediterranean style, an English lawn was used, which together with an abundance of flowers makes the garden rich and colorful.

Pergola made of wood

Pergola made from wood is equipped with a full dining room in a Mediterranean style.

Architectural Design Elements

When creating the relief of the Mediterranean coast, terraces are used, they can be natural if the site is on a hillside, or in bulk. Bulk terraces are located on solid foundations. For their manufacture use gravel, sand, flat stones. At small differences in altitude on the terrain make one large terrace.

In the Mediterranean courtyard must necessarily be a secluded corner with sun beds and a hammock. An open gazebo and trellises from plants divide the site into separate zones. The peculiarity of the style is the creation of paved areas, which are connected by stone paths.

The arbor on the plot is set easy, without walls and decor. Decoration for her serve as a plant in ceramic pots. Several pergolas and drapery fabric make it possible to create a cozy and simple pavilion for rest. The pavilion usually has a square or polygonal shape.

Cottage with pool

One of the most commonly used elements of the exterior of the courtyard in the Mediterranean style is the pool.

Landscape of artificial stone

The massive, artificially created slopes of artificial stone are seated with grapes.

Pergola - an element of Mediterranean style

The open elegant arbor of the pergola is an openwork corridor of vertical supports, lattice arches and horizontal elements. Their purpose is visual division of the garden parts, a pedestrian passage between the parts of the site, the creation of a recreation area, the provision of partial shade.

The arbor is often installed to support ampel plants with creeping and creeping stems.

There are several types of pergolas:

  • rustic type - fully open pergola;
  • eastern type - wall pergola, a small architectural form rests on a brick or stone wall, this is a more complex gazebo.

Pergolas are wooden, stone, metal and plastic. In pergolas set furniture, a fireplace, a swing or a hammock. Furniture can be any, but more often set forged benches.

Delicate decoration of pergola

Scented roses decorate the pergola in the Mediterranean style.

Romantic decoration of pergola

Romantic decoration of the pergola in the Mediterranean style with the help of miniature lights is suitable for an evening holiday with a loved one.

Arbor in the Mediterranean style with their own hands. Video

Landscaping in the Mediterranean style