Green wallpaper in the interior +75 photo

Green wallpaper in the interior

Harmonious, soothing and noble green color is often present in the setting of modern interiors. It can easily be described as universal, because it is appropriate in any room. The natural beauty of absolutely all shades of green, pistachio, emerald, turquoise, mint and others, inspire designers for interesting ideas in creating interior projects. When decorative wallpapers are used for green wallpaper in the interior, it fundamentally affects the atmosphere in the room. Color has a beneficial effect on the emotional and physical state, it acts soothingly, gives confidence in oneself, creates a cozy atmosphere.

Interior with green wallpaper Bedroom в стиле минимализм  Low table by the couch  Colored cushions on a light sofa in the living room  Armchair by the window in the bedroom  Mirror over the fireplace

Focus on style

A variety of green wallpaper allows you to choose the right option, which can successfully highlight the chosen style in the interior. Dark deep shades of greenery will perfectly reflect the classical style, baroque and minimalism. Light colors harmoniously fit into any modern stylistic trends, as basic and emphasis solutions. For the strong and active people, the interior with bright green motifs in high-tech styles, modern, art deco, minimalism is perfect. Muted bed variations of green hues can be safely applied for country and provence. Also for each stylistic direction it is necessary to select suitable variants of wallpaper with corresponding drawings.

Green wallpaper in the interior в стиле кантри Interior in Art Nouveau style  Bedroom в стиле арт-деко  Living room в стиле минимализм  The interior in the style of Provence  Classic interior with green wallpaper

Single-color or with a picture

If you finish the walls with extremely monophonic wallpaper, then the interior may seem boring. In this case, it is sufficient to choose an accent site that is decorated with decorative canvases with patterns and prints. Or for this purpose, you can use wallpaper with images, where the details of green shades, palm trees, ferns, grapes, kiwis, spring fields, exotic cacti and much more prevail. Also, solid wallpaper is perfectly combined with other different shades and complemented by accent details.

Solid green wallpaper in the interior

Fans of classical simplicity should choose strict geometric vertical lines on paper canvases. This option perfectly combines with laconic, elegant, soft furniture and gives the room a strict, restrained style, emphasizing the impeccable taste of its owner. The wallpaper in the cage will create avant-garde stylistics, and the print in peas will add a cheerful, carefree mood. Natural motifs with foliage, branches, lianas will relieve stress after a busy day. Romantic, provincial style will display elegant ornate patterns with floral details. Gilded monograms and lines will make the interior royally luxurious. Multilayered wallpaper has a relief texture, so that the room becomes incredibly stylish. Bamboo and wooden cloths are made of natural, environmentally friendly materials and add to the interior of an attractive exotic.

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Panel over the sofa  Wallpapers with patterns in the interior  Green mat in the form of grass at the couch  Striped wallpaper in the living room  Stickers on the head of the bed

Combinations with other colors

Any shades of green are perfectly in harmony with all the colors of natural wood. This kind of furniture will be the most successful solution. In small rooms it is advisable to use the interior items of light wooden colors, and the chic Wenge furniture will look fabulous. Also, the color itself is perfectly combined with all its varieties and halftones, turquoise, emerald, lime, pistachio and so on. Perfect companions for the green are related representatives of the color palette, which are located next to it, blue, blue, yellow. In addition, you can find other successful combinations.

The combination of green wallpaper with red curtains Sofa in the bedroom in the bedroom  Decorative fireplace with stucco molding in the living room  White mirror on the green wall in the bedroom  Patterns in the interior of the living room  Flower on a table by the couch


White является универсальным, который отлично взаимодействует с любыми другими цветами. Партнерство зеленого с белоснежным будет не только удачным и оригинальным решением, но и является модной тенденцией в современных интерьерах. Подобная комбинация часто встречается в комфортабельных гостиничных номерах и холлах. Такое сочетание комфорта, спокойствия, свежести с чистотой дарит ощущение уверенности и уюта. Визуально делает помещение более просторным и светлым.

White and green interior


Beige всегда являлся беспроигрышным вариантом для оформления интерьеров. Он более теплый в сравнении с белым, а в комбинации с зелеными оттенками получается мягкая, приятная палитра. Если этот дуэт дополнить коричневыми деталями, образовывается элегантное, уютное и безупречное сочетание. Это прекрасное решение для классических, современных интерьеров.

The combination of green wallpaper and beige ceiling


In combination with a strict and confident gray color, green looks more saturated and energetic. Such combinations are typical for modern high-tech style. The shades of natural stone, exalted rocks, lifeless concrete and asphalt, seem to come alive next to a natural and energetic green. To gray it is better to choose warm and bright shades, pistachio, mustard, kiwi, mint, turquoise. Thanks to this combination, you get an impeccable cutting-edge style.

Living room walls in gray-green color


Classical and a win-win combination of green shades with brown, which is universally used in design developments. The color of wood and earth perfectly harmonizes with the natural greenery of spring fields, forest thickets, impenetrable jungles. In this version, there should not be too much brown, it is permissible to use small fragments on the walls in the company with furniture and textiles.

Living room в коричнево-зеленом цвете

The black

This is a very effective and extravagant combination. Deep, severe black can unusually distinguish green shades. To such a combination, snow-white, metallic steel accents are ideal. Do not forget that black can visually reduce the room, so use it with caution, especially in small, poorly lit rooms. But it is he who adds rigor and exquisite prestige to spacious interiors.

Green kitchen with black furniture


This duet is associated with heaven and earth, as the embodiment of spiritual wisdom and vital energy. All shades of blue have a beneficial effect on mental activity, and the green allows you to calm down and concentrate. In addition, they are related representatives of the color palette, which perfectly interact with each other. A saturated blue is better suited to a pistachio. With fruity bright green and gentle pastels, beautifully blend light blue tones, blue, turquoise.

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Blue ковер в зеленой гостиной

Red and orange

A light orange sunny shade with energetic green blends into a bright and positive duet. This combination is often used in the design of children's rooms and kitchens. Saturated red and orange parts should be used in the right proportions. The combination of crimson with green creates an attractive, cheerful and appetizing interior. Pink shades well interact with bright or gentle tones of green, as well as with turquoise and gray-green color. Red green scale is often found in modern styles of high-tech or modern. These two bright saturated colors are successfully diluted with white, beige, black and yellow fragments.

Green interior with orange furniture

Room decoration

Choosing the right shade of green for wallpaper should take into account not only the stylistic direction but also other parameters of the room:

  • the area and shape of the room, the size of the window openings;
  • location of the room with respect to the sides of the world
  • functional purpose.

For small and poorly lit rooms, with small windows, it is recommended to use exclusively light colors in the design. To rooms located on the south side you can use dark, cool and saturated green wallpaper. For the northern side, warm palettes are more suitable. Also to a certain room, kitchen, bedroom, nursery and others, you need to choose not only the appropriate color, but also drawings on decorative canvases.

Room decorationы с зелеными обоями в классическом стиле White шкаф в зеленом интерьере  Candles in the roof  Lamp on the table by the couch  White shelves on the green wall  The Swedish wall in the bedroom

Living room

If you want to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, then for the decoration of the living room it is worth to stop the choice on the wallpaper in light, neutral tones of green. Emerald and malachite will create a luxurious atmosphere, especially in combination with black furniture or chocolate-colored wenge. Also pistachio wallpaper perfectly in harmony with the brown details and underscore the impeccable taste of the owners of the living room. Light and gentle green shades can make the room more spacious and light.

Living room с зелеными обоями Blinds on the window  Chest of suitcases in the interior  White камин в зеленом интерьере  Niches with shelves in the wall  Original lamps on the walls


A very good solution is to decorate the bedroom with wallpaper of green shades. Thanks to this in the room will reign cozy atmosphere, which has a good rest and helps restore vitality.

Bedroom с зелеными обоями

Advantages of using green in the bedroom:

  1. it has a positive effect on eyesight, helps the eyes relax;
  2. relieves nervous tension, promotes recovery after stress;
  3. neutralizes anxious thoughts, relieves anxiety;
  4. relaxes, sets on a quiet rest and sleep.

It is important to consider that not all green shades create a calming effect. Bright fruit options on the contrary invigorate, increase activity and motivate new achievements. Patterns, prints, drawings on wallpaper are selected in unison to the interior style and taste preferences.

Panel above the bed  Leather sofa in the bedroom  Zerkallo over comodom  Furniture from a tree in a bedroom  Bed with a single headboard in the green interior


Green color is a universal option, they can safely arrange a room for a boy or a girl. He will act positively on newborn babies. Unbalanced and overly active kids will help to calm down and concentrate. When properly combined with other palettes, quiet and closed children can become more proactive and fun. In the children's rooms it is recommended to combine different colors, and not to use a solid green scale. In combination with yellow it will create a sunny and positive mood. Sky blue will add freshness and emphasize the tranquility of green. Red, orange details, in moderate amounts, favor mental activity and creative thinking. In the recreation area is to add brown items of furniture, textiles. Snow White will bring extra space and cleanliness. On sale it is easy to find drawings, prints, patterns on the wallpaper stylized for children's rooms, which are produced in a wide variety. Canvases made of natural materials, bamboo and wood are also ideal for the baby room.

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Children's с зелеными обоями Pictures on the walls  Sports corner in the nursery  Table with shelves near the wall  Letters above the bed  Toys on chests


Green will create a summer mood in the kitchen, fill it with positive and vital energy. The wallpaper of this color boldly form all the walls or select one accent, functional area, which will be surrounded by other shades. A large amount of green should be balanced with other neutral tones. To the saturated, succulent walls floors, ceilings and furniture in the reserved, quiet and gentle palettes will be better. The dark scale can be used only in spacious and well-lit kitchens, where black, gray, chocolate colors in combination with deep green will create a stylish and exquisite design.

Kitchen с зелеными обоями TV on the kitchen wall  Ceramic tiles on the floor  Orange-brown furniture in the kitchen  Different floor coverings in the kitchen  The combination of green walls and a yellow floor


Cabinet Наполеона во дворце Фонтенбло оформлен именно в зеленом цвете и является достойным примером для подражания. К такому помещению идеально подходит массивная мебель с элементами художественной резьбы или строгие, лаконичные варианты. Для рабочего кабинета удачным выбором станут изумрудные, темно-зеленые обои, которые придадут помещению серьезности и элегантной роскоши одновременно. Данный цвет декоративных полотен способен нормализовать кровяное давление, расширить капилляры, поспособствует улучшению умственной работоспособности и повышению концентрации внимания при работе. Вертикальные полосы на темно-зеленых обоях подчеркнут строгий, лаконичный интерьер, а золоченные узоры на изумрудных полотнах создадут по королевски роскошное помещение.

Cabinet с зелеными обоями

How to choose curtains and other decor elements to the green interior

Each shade of green is good in its own way and has certain properties. It is important to find the right combination to them, which will successfully dilute the color palette in the room.

Pictures in the interior with green wallpaper

It is unacceptable that the color of the wallpaper and curtains merge into one. Shades should coincide, and not form a continuous veil. It is also undesirable that they contrast, as contrasting details, it is better to use a small-sized decor.

Light curtains on the window

Against the background of green walls, white curtains will look good, which are complemented by pink, yellow, brown decorative details. To dark olive walls ocher curtains with brown or gray elements are suitable. In light olive interior harmoniously fit light yellow and violet textile additions. Metallic, silver and curtains with gilding perfectly match the turquoise finish of the walls. Gray-green room is successfully diluted with dark red or blue-green curtains with beige inserts. To the rich jade is to add contrasting gray, pink, chocolate or beige decor. A gentle green range perfectly blends in with any representative of blue, blue, yellow and white hues. A wonderful solution will be to choose a textile decor, bedspreads, cushions in tone to the curtains.

Unusual shelves on the wall in the bedroom

No less important, in addition to a successful combination of colors to achieve a harmonious relationship of texture. Light, fragile, light curtains will look ridiculous against a background of powerful, luxurious bright green wallpaper, even with a successful color combination.

Leather armchair by the bed  Mirror in the headboard  Vase with flowers on the chest of drawers  Furniture with the same design in the bedroom  Picture with an apple over the sofa


Green is distinguished by its versatility and versatility, due to which it is often used in the design of any rooms, where it is necessary to achieve aesthetic beauty and positive emotional perception. Scientists have found that the lack of this color in the interior, causes discomfort and conflict situations. Green shades, in the room create an atmosphere of spring freshness, summer mood and calming comfort. Residents of large cities, thanks to this design, have the opportunity to restore internal energy while being surrounded by natural, plant tones. A variety of green wallpapers allows you to create a positive, quiet or luxurious design in different stylistic directions.

Bedroom interior with green wallpaper  Light furniture in the dining room  Birds on wallpaper  Picture above the bed  A shelf in the form of a harp in the living room