Design of the facade of the house: a photo with 35 modern

The facade of any house is its outer shell, and its beauty is certainly worth the trouble. The design of the façade forms the first impression of the house, and hence of its owner. Of course, remember the aesthetic side of the exterior of the house - it's good, but do not forget the functionality.

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Dekorin will tell in this article how to choose the right facade for your home, so that it is as beautiful and appropriate as possible. Just see how beautiful the exterior of a private house can be.

Elegant design of the facadeDecor facade homeDecor facade home фотоDesign facade частного дома

What color will determine your design of the facade of the house and how to choose it: the best options and photos

The color solution of the facade of a private house largely determines its appearance. At the beginning of a variety of options puts the owners of the house at the crossroads, but thoroughly understanding the issue, everything falls into place.

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The first thing to consider is the compatibility of the color of the walls and the house: it's good when they are combined with windows, doors, socle, roofing etc. If any color is not combined with others, it is worth abandoning it.

How to choose the color of the facade of the houseHow to choose the color of the facade of the house фото

Do not be limited to just one shade, because then the appearance of your house will be boring. It is best to use about 3-4 colors that are in harmony with each other. Well, when the shades are neutral, they will add harmony to your exterior.

Color solution of the facade of a private houseColor solution of the facade of a private house фото

Add home more expensive and chic look will help dark shades, such as black and chocolate. They perfectly harmonize with lighter shades and emphasize the facade's design of the originality of the exterior.

Decorative design of the facade of the houseDecorative design of the facade of the house фото

Pay attention to the rest of the houses surrounding your home. What are they: neutral and calm or with bright elements and unusual design? In any case, try to stand out and experiment, so that your house does not merge with all the others. Look at the options for painting the facade of the house in the following photos and understand that it is to your liking.

Modern facades of private houses

The design of the facade of the house in a modern style allows you to look your home laconically and simply. Having got rid of superfluous lines and accents, you will give to the house a comfortable and easy view.

The best solution is to use large panoramic windows, which allow daylight to penetrate as much as possible. There is no decor as such, but there may be small architectural elements, but they are necessarily functional.

Modern facades of private housesModern facades of private houses фото

Materials are combined with each other, so the exterior of the house looks original, despite its simplicity.

It would seem that such a building should look boring, but this is far from the case. In fact, the facades in the modern style indicate a good taste of the owners and open up wide opportunities for creativity.

Decor of the facades of private housesDecor of the facades of private houses фото

As finishing materials for the facade can act:

  • insulated facade;
  • masonry;
  • Facing with ready-made facade panels;
  • finishing with bricks or clinker.

Beautiful facades of housesBeautiful facades of houses фото

As for the color scheme, modern facades are usually made in calm cool colors, such as gray, dark brown, black, beige, white and light beige. If you want to create a spectacular exterior, use contrasting colors (for example, light walls and a dark roof). If desired, you can add a highlight in the form of a small bright element (window frame or front door).

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Decorative plaster of the facade of the house: photo and advantages

Such material for the facade of the house not only forms an aesthetic exterior of the dwelling, but also performs some protective functions. So, decorative plaster is waterproof, well tolerates temperature changes, and also shockproof. Good air permeability and, importantly, it has heat and sound insulation at a high level. On the finished decorative plaster it is possible to create various combinations of design ideas. So, you can choose any pattern and shade of material based on your own tastes and wishes. The plaster should be simply dissolved, and this can be done even by a person who has never engaged in construction. The price of such material is quite low compared to other options.

Decorative plaster facade at home photoFacades of houses decorative plaster photoBright facades of houses decorative plaster photo

There are different types of facade plaster:

  • Mineral water. It consists of cement, mixed with special chemical additives, which make the material waterproof. This option lasts a long time and looks pretty impressive. The color range of mineral plaster is limited to a few shades, but you can always apply any other color on top. The solution can be easily made by hand according to the instruction instructions.
  • Acrylic. High elasticity of the material and low absorptivity are the main advantages of such plaster. This material easily withstands any temperature and does not allow the reproduction of microorganisms. The solution does not require preparation, because it is already sold ready.
  • Silicate. Remarkably passes the steam through itself, so the liquid in the houses, finished with such plaster, almost immediately goes beyond the walls and does not stay on the surface.
  • Silicone. The most versatile kind of decorative plaster, able to protect from all types of precipitation and has excellent vapor permeability. Allows you to use any shades that you can mix with each other and create unique compositions.

Modern decorative plaster facade at home photoPink decorative stucco facade of the house photo

Look at the photo of the facades of the houses with decorative plaster and you will understand what kind is suitable for your house.

Patterns on the facade of the houseYellow decorative plaster facade at home photo

Decorating the walls of a house with a brick

As a decorative decoration of the facade of the house often choose a brick, because it looks pretty presentable. This facade makes the house visually larger in size.

Decorative design of the facade of the house кирпичом

Finishing the house with this material is an economical solution that allows you to forget about decor and insulation problems for several decades. Everyone knows that the brick is quite strong, and it is also frost-resistant and does not lend itself to fungus with mold. A country house built of this material is a real fortress and a shelter for the whole family.

Decorative design of the facade of the house кирпичом фото

Look at the photogallery of the facades of houses for every taste and choose what you like.

Decorative finishing of the facade of the house with brickDecorative finishing of the facade of the house with brick фото

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Decorative decoration of the facade of the house with white brick photo