Design bedroom in 2017 - 130 photos of ideas of impeccable

A special business card of the owner is the style of his home. When people choose a design for their apartment or house, they first think about what memories will remain with them and with the guests after the time spent in it.


Also, they care about whether they are comfortable in the house. Some people prefer to seek professional help and trust the design of their home to an experienced designer.

But if the owners of the house have free time and the desire to do much by their own strength and hands - they need to learn a lot of literature, find their own style, which will meet all their requirements.


To start a design is best from a bedroom. Since there is very little left until the new year 2017, we will consider it as the basis for the design of the bedroom. What are the fashion trends in the upcoming 2017? Let's figure it out!


Table of contents of the article:

  • Bedroom Interior of 2017
  • Photo of the 2017 design photo
  • Secrets for a small room
  • 130 photos of bedroom design innovations in 2017

Bedroom Interior of 2017

Usually, the bedroom interior design is given undeservedly little attention. Although it is here that a person can feel most comfortable. After all, it is in the bedroom that a person spends a lot of time relaxing until a new day.


In 2016 it was very popular to put a large number of various small items, furniture and design elements. These include cabinets, carpets, and fixtures. Namely, their large number and variety of shades.


In the new year, everything changed radically. In the interior of the bedroom of 2017, a huge place is given to the bed. It should be large, comfortable and of course quality. If the square meters allow you to install a large bed, then it is better to put it exactly in the middle. Cabinets compartment in the bedroom - 100 photos of ideas of the perfect combination in the interior

5 He shall cut up the bottom of the earth

Classic beds will be popular, with twisted and forged backs.


Photo of the 2017 design photo

Photos of the bedroom interior design are presented below, and a detailed gallery where more than 130 photos of ideas are presented at the very bottom of our review.

15693573-design bedrooms-14-square-photo-2017-modern

Already quite a long time, the most actual shade is white, and also beige, cream and milk. A great option for finishing - the main white and a few extra to create accents in the bedroom.


The bedrooms with white in the base and black and gray scale look great. The most important rule is to use no more than three shades in total.


Also, thinking through the color range in the bedroom, you should take into account the sides of the horizon. If, for example, the room is facing south, there will be enough light in both summer and winter. If the room faces the west, additional lighting equipment will be required.


When choosing a ceiling, you should give preference to popular stretch ceilings in the bedroom. They are light, comfortable and amazingly hardy. If desired, you can draw a curly stretch ceiling.


The presence of a soft carpet will not become bad taste, but will only emphasize the taste of the owner. As well as a large outdoor vase or veil in tone. The main thing is not to overdo with the number of these elements.


Secrets for a small room

The most effective way to "expand" the space will be all light pastel colors. It is thanks to them, the ceiling will look much higher, and the room is more spacious. From dark colors and shades should be categorically refused.

With some

Professionals are advised to take the so-called transformers into small rooms. This kind of furniture fits perfectly in any interior and is perfect for designing podiums in the bedroom. In the afternoon the furniture will hide, and only at night time serve for its intended purpose.

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To hide a large number of things, and to withstand the base of the bedroom in a minimalist style, it is convenient to take the bed by an additional drawer or outboard.


130 photos of bedroom design innovations in 2017




Design bedrooms-02-1024x768




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features-bedrooms-art deco-20-1024x768







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