Beautiful flower compositions (72 design ideas)

Many saw compositions from flowers and dreamed of making them themselves. Everyone who once went to school knows what a herbarium is. However, in addition to his cognitive functions in skillful hands, these natural materials are transformed into unique compositions of flowers and leaves. In combination with vegetables, fruits and other auxiliary elements become an exquisite decoration of the interior in an apartment or office.

Composition of seasonal vegetables

Florists use seasonal vegetables and flowers to create autumn compositions (pumpkin, corn, aster, sunflowers, red currant berries -).

Compositions of florists

The composition "Autumn harvest".

Natural crafts with the use of natural materials are most often used to create original cards, pictures, napkins, bouquets on tables, shelves, etc. Decorative compositions of flowers with their own hands can be made absolutely from any plants (even the cheapest ones), because the main thing in this business is to have imagination and a small auxiliary inventory.

In this article, read:

  • 1 The art of stylistics composing compositions of flowers and vegetables
  • 2 Original crafts from flowers and leaves
  • 3 Developing children's flower compositions
  • 4 Children's applications from leaves. Video
  • 5 Creative fantasies of children and adults

The art of styling compositions of flowers and vegetables

The main rule when composing a composition of flowers and vegetables is their harmony. To achieve harmony in the bouquet, it is not necessary to have any exotic expensive plants or vegetables. Noble bouquet can be made with simple violets, balsamins and other ordinary friends of the windowsill, and from vegetables you can use, for example, zucchini, radish, carrot, cucumber, pumpkin or eggplant, that is all that is always in the fridge.

So, the spicy composition of the composition of flowers and vegetables should combine the following features of good design:

  1. Proportionality of components.
  2. A pleasant combination of many different textures and objects.
  3. Impression of movement and correct use of the color palette.

For use in a bouquet of fresh flowers, such auxiliary elements as floristic sponge, scissors, secateurs, wire, various containers, scotch, wooden toothpicks and a sharp knife will also be needed.

The most typical vegetables can be used as vessels for living flowers or can be decorated themselves in the form of flowers. For example, a pumpkin (or eggplant) peeled from inside the pulp can be decorated on the outside with a beautiful ornament and fill the void with a composition of the simplest autumn flowers that grow on the windowsill or were simply purchased cheaply in the store.

The composition of a bouquet of tender roses, cut from a radish, will look beautiful and original on the dining table. However, for such cute vegetable flowers, one's own hands need a certain skill and imagination. You can decorate the bouquet with natural living leaves.

Artificial vegetables for making compositions.

Artificial vegetables for making compositions.

Composition of autumn flowers and vegetables

Beautiful composition of autumn flowers and vegetables. Such a miracle will be accepted with enthusiasm for any festive table and especially for the New Year.

Original crafts from flowers and leaves

The original and unusual compositions of wall paintings or bouquets are also obtained from natural material, most often available in the autumn period. These are flowers and leaves of faded plants.

Beautiful autumn compositions made of natural material can be designed together with children, connecting collectively with imagination and the desire to do it yourself.

To create an autumn image, you need to have scissors, a hammer, a cotton cloth, a plastic bag and a natural material - different fresh leaves and flowers of plants.

So, you need to lay flat cloth on a hard surface (for example, a wooden table or desk), then on the material put on your own the desired composition of flowers and leaves. Then lay the polyethylene film over all these elements and gently pry off the composition so that the plants with their juice stain the fabric. This craft can be used as a decor for napkins, pillows and other elements, and if you make the whole process of hammering on ordinary thick paper, you get an original postcard from natural ingredients.

Flowers from autumn leaves

Roses from autumn leaves. Try to make yourself, in autumn the material is always at hand.

Craftwork from corn leaves

This miracle is made from corn leaves by the skillful hands of a master.

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Developing children's compositions from flowers

For children it will be very useful to make nice autumn pictures of dried flowers, twigs and other leaves from trees that grow in yards or parks. For such nice applications only glue, white paper (base) and dried natural material are needed. After the process of creativity is completed, the composition of flowers and leaves can be neatly covered with transparent epoxy or decorated under a glass in a wooden frame.

With the help of epoxy resin, you can make beautiful medallions with compositions inside of small flowers or twigs.

Babies can be entrusted with their own hands to embroider with ordinary threads on large green leaves (already fallen from trees) different simple patterns. For example, on the largest maple leaf, you can carefully sew other smaller leaves, then dry the product in a dark place so that the composition retains its color. Then from these compositions it is quite possible to make small thematic original pictures on a wall in a nursery or simply put a frame made out of natural materials on a shelf in a bookcase.

Composition of flowers and leaves

Composition of flowers and leaves "Green Turtle" for older children. A great gift with your own hands.

We learn how to decorate candlesticks with flowers and leaves.

We learn how to decorate candlesticks with flowers and leaves.

Children's hand-made from leaves

Such a mustachioed miracle can your child do if you help him with his participation.

From natural material, you can make a huge number of compositions on different topics, they are also great for children's creativity. Since the ability to discern in flowers and leaves a bird or other animal needs to be developed from an early age. Such creative impulses favorably affect the mental and psychological views of the little man, the adult will only need help in the preparation of materials and in the embodiment of ideas. And the time spent together, will forever remain a warm memory, which will later emerge in memory only with gratitude and tenderness. Good luck!

Pendants made of flowers and jewelry epoxy resin

Hobby for pensioners, adults and senior pupils - pendants from flowers and jewelry epoxy resin. Pendant with yellow violet.

Children's applications from leaves. Video

Creative fantasies of children and adults