Incredible work of the architect in seattle: a three-story

Interior of a three-level apartment in Seattle

Sometimes in the process of registration of small areas it is necessary to depart from the rules and include your extraordinary imagination. So, for example, the owner of an apartment in Seattle, Steve Sawyer, came up with a brilliant idea: he created three floors in a confined space with a wall height of 3.2 meters. It's amazing, is not it ?! Let's see what he did.

High ceiling and its advantages

Many dream of buying a spacious comfortable housing. But Steve argues that large square meters is a waste and inconvenience. Therefore, he found a tiny flat for himself and made in it three practical and functional levels. The first one is a full-fledged living area with a TV, the second is a home office, and the third is a bedroom. So the most important and important task of planning was solved.

Rest zone in a three-level apartment Home cinema in a three-level apartment Dining room in a three-level apartment

Unexpected storage bays

Where to find places to store different things - this is perhaps the most difficult question for small-sized owners. However, Sawyer approached this problem creatively. He admitted that after traveling through the countries of Scandinavia and Japan, he was inspired by the idea of ​​saving square meters in the homes of literate homeowners. So at the entrance to his apartment appeared a small chest of drawers for clothes, and on the ceiling - compartments for storing sports supplies and other large items. In the central part of the apartment, he put a folding table, which skillfully hides the shelves with spices, croup and utensils.

Bicycle under the roof Bicycles in the hallway apartments

A new approach to design

Save space in the kitchen from the owner did not work, because the working surface, gas oven and sink take up a lot of space. But the owner did the restroom neatly and stylishly: in order to not turn on the electric lamps during the day, he hung a huge mirror opposite the window opening and it perfectly reflects the sun's rays.

Towel hanger and shelves for toiletries, Steve made himself. Many interior items, he found in the shops of IKEA, and then they slightly modified, so that they fit perfectly into his compact living space.

Kitchen interior in a three-level apartment

Bathroom in a three-level apartment

Shower room in a three-level apartment