30+ beautiful home decoration made of wine corks

When you want to create something beautiful and useful for your own house, wine bottles open up a huge number of possibilities! This material is so versatile and has such an interesting structure that it is suitable for decorating absolutely for any part of the house. Here is just a short list of items that can be made from plugs themselves:

  1. Mats for the bathroom and hallway;
  2. Tablecloths and holders for dishes;
  3. Frames for mirrors and photographs;
  4. Kitchen apron;
  5. Candlesticks;
  6. Curtains, partitions and pl. other

Do you like wine and do not know what to do in the evenings? Then in this article you will find 30+ ideas for your inspiration! Decorative and really useful things that will remind you of a spent merry pastime!

Crafts from wine corks (photo):

Banks with wine stoppers Desktop decor letters from cork Table lamp with stoppers Wall decoration - a board of wine stoppers Kitchen apron of wine corks Corks as a stylish kitchen apron Flash drive in wine stopper Photo frame from wine stoppers PhotoFrame with your own hands Beautiful carpet of wine corks Carpet for the hallway of plugs with their own hands Wall decoration from wine Tray of wine stoppers Stand for jewelry from cork Candlesticks with wine stoppers Wine corks in the old frame Indoor plants in a tube Beautiful decor for walls of cork Curtains from wine corks Stand for crockery from cork A simple tablecloth of wine corks Decoration of a wall with stoppers Simple and beautiful crafts of cork Table top made of wine stoppers The pattern on the wall of wine corks Tables with wine stoppersAn ornament for storing ornaments from corkGiraffe from wine corksDecoration of the courtyard by traffic jams