Organza banquet with your own hands - step by step

The bow on the head of the first grader is not only a stereotype, but, you see, looks beautiful. Each schoolgirl, who has a beautiful bow, immediately becomes noticeable and interesting. This attribute of a typical school line can be bought everywhere, but girls always want to stand out among the rest.


All that remains for the parents is to puzzle over the question of how to help their daughter in this.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Benefits of organza
  • Let's start to make
  • On completion
  • Photo of beautiful bows made of self-made ogans

Benefits of organza

This option, like making a beautiful bow, is not a problem in terms of time and money. One of the most common materials in this case is organza. It has a number of advantages that make it possible to use it for these purposes.


First of all, organza can take almost any form, which indicates the variety and style of bows that can be made. Organza is airy, it can hardly be felt in the hands. In addition, the material is very resistant to washing - organza will not lose its original appearance.


Let's start to make

To make a bow from organza is a matter of almost five minutes. All you need is a couple of improvised tools, the material itself is organza, a little patience and creativity. But before you start working, it is worth considering that there are a couple of varieties of bows that, although not essential, are still different from each other. The answer to the question how to make a bow from organza lies in the answer to the question about how much creativity and creativity you have.


The first kind is a magnificent bow which is made from separate petals of organza. Features in the manufacture of this bow is that it is made from individual pieces of material. But this does not mean that the task in the manufacture has become more complicated. You will need: glue, scissors, clamp (the clothespin can come), a ribbon for decoration (optional), a candle. It is not necessary to deduce the separate instruction for manufacturing such bow, as here business already consists in creativity and desire. Lampshade for table lamp - step by step instruction for beginners with photo examples


The second kind is a bow without the use of scissors. In its manufacture it is just as simple as the previous representative, but still has its differences. To produce it you need: a needle and thread, glue, a lighter and, of course, an organza. The manufacturing process has its own peculiarities, namely, that the edges of the material need to be singed, the needle and thread passed through the folds of the material and periodically pulled to the middle, while bending the material itself. This creates balls and an interlayer of organza, the ends of which are glued to the common middle. Just as we see, it's the creative work.


And finally the last representative is a bow in the form of something, more often it is a flower. Here it is already worthwhile to work not only with the head, but also with handles, since the work in this case is very tremulous. You will need: beads, a sheet of paper (for making a template), pins, pencil, needles, beads. First of all, you should make a template for your petals from paper, make organza from the blanks themselves, gradually wrap them inward for the desired shape and plus this and decorate the whole thing with beads or something else.


On completion

Well, we have superficially considered how to make a bow of organza with your own hands. The photo of the organza bow can be viewed in the description below.


Photo of beautiful bows made of self-made ogans