12 ingenious ways to put everything in its place without

Retractable baskets in the hallway

Things under the bed are stored in almost every house. Someone in cardboard boxes, and some in special drawers. But few people thought that the usual sex can help in solving this complex problem. A little engineering thought - and there are underground niches. They are easily accessible and convenient, do not "steal" excess meters and do not interfere with movement around the house.

1. Floors on the first floor can turn into an original chest of drawers

In the bedroom, as a rule, all furniture is associated with comfort and coziness. Therefore, to abandon at least one piece of furniture in favor of a more spacious closet is simply unrealistic. One of them is a large, beautiful bed with a high back and pillows. You can hide a lot of interesting things behind them. You just need to push them and put everything down.

Drawers in the bedroom

2. Keeping things in the headboard - a new reality and practical solution

At first glance, this room seems completely empty. Only a low floor platform is allocated, which will soon be supplied with some furniture. But you are deeply mistaken. This platform is a secret. Inside it there are a lot of boxes and compartments, where everything can fit.

This decision is particularly interesting in the nursery. You can hide absolutely everything: clothes, toys, books, while not depriving the child of a playground.

Niche for storage at the head of the bed

3. Floor platform, a miracle of design solutions

Use stairs, like lockers, has become fashionable for quite some time. Therefore, even from one step you will get a wonderful box for some tools. And if you have more, then you urgently need to remake them. And many things will have a permanent storage space.

Under floor storage Under floor storage

4. Is there a step in your house? Hence, under them there is something

The kitchen is most often loaded under the string, and sometimes cluttered. They store food, dishes, household appliances, and sometimes the landlady herself does not know what else. Pay attention to how conventional furniture can fundamentally solve the issue.

Niches in the steps

5. The bench turns into a convenient kitchen pencil case

Laptops took a solid place among the absolutely necessary things. And sometimes you have to combine work behind it and cooking. A special built-in box will help you to finish your work with convenience.

Niche for dishes in the kitchen seat

6. The laptop in the kitchen, too, feels cozy

There are several floors in your house, so there is a staircase. Consequently, there is a landing. It is easy to adapt for a non-standard cellar.

Retractable stand for computer

7. The staircase perfectly excludes the superfluous from prying eyes

Returning to the topic of storing items in the kitchen, you can not help remembering the built-in containers. They can easily hide the trash can. Or make a mini pantry.

Niche for storage under the stairs

8. Create a hidden niche from the prying eyes simply

Such a thing as a dinette is in every house. After him, the family is going to dinner or morning coffee. Many use space under the seats to store household appliances. You will also like it.

Retractable containers for garbage and feed

9. The kitchen corner also has its secrets

Do not like to constantly raise and lower the seat of the couch? No questions. Use its side.

In such a unique chest of drawers, all the towels, potholders and aprons will fit. You will always know where the necessary thing is.

Drawer under the seat

10. Another option for storing dishes and appliances

In any room there are places in the form of columns or ledges, which, at first glance, can not be used. But with a good imagination and skillful hands, such a zone can become anything: a bar, a sideboard, in extreme cases - a pencil case.

Drawers under the seat

11. The wall with a leaving pencil case will become a highlight of your apartment

At the very beginning it was said that under the bed you can also hide something. Here is another version of the bulk storage. Understand that under the mattress are various objects, perhaps only by lifting the mattress.

Drawer in the doorway

12. Large bed, large storage

Such non-trivial ways will help to maximize your space, add comfort, order and beauty to your home. It happens that none of the proposed options are not suitable, and put everything on the shelves all you want. Everyone in his house improved something and rebuilt. Necessarily there is an option that is suitable for your home.

Niche for storage under the bed