10 elements that every modern house needs

There is no doubt that the modern movement has affected all aspects of our daily life. From cars, fashion and technology, to the world of architecture and interior design, everything takes on the modern style. Many use the term "modern" or its synonyms to denote a branch from traditional norms, the thinking of the modern era, as well as new concepts in rich design. The word "modern" can also be attributed to the style of design that developed in the 1920 - 1950s. In this article you will find 10 ways how to decorate your home in a modern style.

Modern dining room interior

1. Add some light to your interior.

When modern and post-modern styles began to appear in the 1920s and 1960s, there was a transition from the dark interior and small windows to the spacious and lighted rooms. First you need to choose a suitable apartment plan or house, which will have good natural lighting, for example, skylights. You can also use a translucent glass if you want to leave your life confidential.

Kitchen design in white tones

2. Choose gentle tones, with interpolation of bright colors.

Use neutral shades of gray, brown, black and white for floors, furniture, lamps and fabrics. Modern colors allow you to show your imagination and creativity when using textures and patterns on furniture. The fact that you use neutral tones does not at all mean that your furniture will look boring or dull. For example, seaweed textures look very interesting.

3. Using natural materials can help create a beautiful interior and exterior.

Instead of using the tree everywhere and everywhere, try a little experiment with other organic materials. They can be used both inside and outside. Also, it can be various decorative elements or accessories. The modern period of life brought a new meaning to the use of organic materials, such as wood, stone, slate, teak, cotton, wool and others.

Modern design of the exterior of a country house

4. Airiness makes the interior of a modern house more calm.

Designers of furniture began to create sofas, tables and other interior items that reflect a more relaxed approach to life. Old-fashioned and boring ornaments were replaced by bright straight lines, and this innovation made it possible to feel more relaxed and informally. The furniture was raised from the floor, and this brought a feeling of weightlessness and ease. These innovations you can borrow for your home.

5. Bare floors in a magnificent finish.

The modern era not only paved the way for new materials, but also brought a feeling of ease in interiors with minimal lines and a small amount of things. Bare floors of wood, porcelain tiles, limestone and marble, bring to your home a sense of modernity. Carpeting will help to perfectly break the visual space, especially in the living room and dining room. Consider the question of how to bring the spirit of modernity into your home with the help of the sexes.

Modern design of a luxurious living room

6. Try an open-plan interior.

Modern architects like to integrate the entire interior space into one large room. The term "large room" is used to denote the blurring of individual walls or boundaries of living space, for example, kitchen, family room, sleeping room, etc. The layout of the premises with a small number of walls is ideal for modern houses. In addition, it is a landmark in modern homes and creates a single aesthetic design throughout the house.

7. Details of modern modernized exterior.

While all attention is paid to the interior, do not forget about the details of the architectural exterior, which is no less important. Most of the exterior details are devoid of the complicated ornaments inherent in classical historical buildings. Basically, these are simple decorations in the form of straight or curved lines. The roof should be pretty clear. Most homes are made of materials that do not really contrast with the outside world.

Modern elements in the exterior of the house

8. Pay attention to small details of Art Nouveau in your home.

Like, as in the past, detailing is very important in a modern house. Small elements, such as lighting, which are well visible and executed qualitatively and beautifully, should be located separately. Railings, which in the past were rather bulky and handmade from wood, are now replaced with innovative stretched ropes or cables made of glass or other modern materials. Strive to include in the interior of small details of modern style that catch your eye, but at the same time do not distract from the main.

Design of dining room in Art Nouveau style

9. Technologies hide behind your beautiful interior.

One of the most favorite types of modern design is the design called "invisible details." We everywhere see innovative technologies - in smartphones, computers, as well as in our homes. Modern appliances such as heating or cooling systems, security systems, lighting control devices are all hidden behind beautiful details. Try to introduce innovative technologies into your home's style and watch how it all looks.

Design of modern living room

10. Free yourself from the "old" thinking in this modern world.

There is no doubt that each epoch borrows style from each other. Modern design is more inclined to be more open to new solutions and not very much to hold onto the rules and formalities. It makes no difference whether you decide to make your house ultra-modern or mixed with the notes of the past, it should reflect your style. Lose the idea that everything in your house should be subject to certain rules and enjoy the modern life, which is reflected in the magnificent design of your house.