10 hot retro style trends that you will love in your home

There is no doubt that retro trends in furniture are returning and occupy a worthy place in the furniture market. You probably noticed that the things or furniture that you used 20-30 years ago, now again in vogue. Although, it should be noted, styles are not always returned with the same colors, materials or ways to perform. But still, the original idea is being revived. The design of furniture is similar to the fashion that designers created in the past. If you want to "upgrade" the house with retro furniture, but do not know where to start, then first take a look at 10 fashion trends that will help modernize your home.

Vintage mood for the living room

1. Choose a style that suits your interior.

First we need to look at the fashion of the past and choose the one that is most suitable. Many homeowners choose furniture that gained its popularity in the middle of the 20th century, namely in the 1930s-1960s. Today is still popular furniture of the 70's 80's. Decide what you like best and what fits your personal style. The style of different epochs has patterns, colors, types of finishes and even the display of pop culture, which was successful at one time or another. You yourself should feel the style of the era that suits you.

Interior of the living room in vintage style

2. Choose furniture that matches the architecture of your home.

Many homeowners choose furniture regardless of the architecture of the house, while others take it into account. The choice of furniture according to architecture is an ideal option for houses where they like fittings that do not take up much space, for example, at home with large windows. In the past, many architects were also furniture designers. We advise you to delve into the history of furniture production to find furniture that will complement your architecture.

3. Retro lighting.

At all times, lighting was an integral part of the decor of the furniture. For example, in the 1960s, at the peak of popularity was the introduction of aluminum interlayers with hanging lamps into the walls. And already in the 1970s each living room was decorated with a lamp, which had a massive metal stand, and a large lampshade from above. Look at the products of your favorite lighting manufacturers and choose among them an acceptable kind of lighting. It can be either chandeliers on the ceiling, or wall sconces, or floor lamps. The main thing is that you like it.

Vintage living room

4. The style of the kitchen, which reminds you of Soviet canteens.

Style of kitchens for a long time was formed and improved. It was influenced by the technique of those times, lifestyle and much more. The nostalgic style of the Soviet canteens, the memories of dinners in the family circle, the kitchens with the contrast of colors, with metal trim, the feelings when chatting with friends in the neighboring dining room, can be recreated in your kitchen today.

Interior design of a living room in a vintage style

5. Selection of accessories that will complement the retro style.

Do you remember the bright mirrors in the 60s that hung on the wall near the old Soviet clock, eclectic collections of dishes and the like? If you are not sure that you want to fully immerse yourself in a retro style, or just want to add it in moderation, then try to add only retro accessories around the house. Choose and buy different little things that will give you a sense of nostalgia. Visit online stores that offer a variety of retro accessories.

6. Tips that should be considered when decorating with retro furniture.

Many furniture companies reproduce in their products lines that recreate the nostalgic look, as it is now called, retro style, the very one we love. If you decide to use antique furniture from the garage, or bought in vintage shops, make sure that you are safe when you are going to paint or just change the look of old furniture. Especially children's furniture can be dangerous if it is painted with lead paints, toxic varnishes or not have the protection that is present in modern furniture. Keep this in mind if you repaint old furniture or plan to buy baby cribs, tables or other furniture for teens.

Interior design of the living room

7. Return to the days where part of the life took place on the porch.

Living outdoors, especially on the veranda, was an image of existence for many homeowners in the middle of the last century. Bringing garden furniture to retro style is one way that will help you relive those times. Metal or heavy steel furniture in pastel colors or with a bright color palette is ideal for your porch. Add to your seats large pillows. In those days most of them were dotted with peas or had funny patterns, for example, flowers or stripes. It will give you days when you drank cold drinks from a glass with a straw, and from the porch watched the surrounding world.

Interior design of the veranda in vintage style

8. High-contrast colors and fabric products in your retro bedroom.

Nothing emphasizes style like contrasting colors and textiles, especially in your bedroom. The seventies are a wonderful era of lava lamps and bright inscriptions of various dynamic forms. Also, this time of bright colors: orange, green, purple, turquoise and yellow, which were in service, as well as home designers, and fashion designers. Retro note, also, will make the head of the bed, upholstered in corduroy, velor and pillows with pop-art decor, a fleecy plaid and a wall of unusual color! Which bedroom will not look bright and bright in this design?

Interior design of a bedroom in a vintage style

9. Find the color of the retro element that will set the tone for your overall design.

If there is no furniture of your favorite era, then reflect on what color might become influential. This color can be a sofa, a lamp or even a pattern on the wall. You will be pleasantly surprised at how this color brings a certain style to the whole design. Who, for example, will leave indifferent the retro kitchen, where the main one will be the turquoise color?

Interior design of kitchen in vintage style

10. Look for inspiration from pop culture in your daily life.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of the retro style in television, cinema, cars and many other things. If you can not choose the style of retro furniture, then wander the Internet and you will certainly find something that will give your style a look of antiquity. All people - from celebrities to the most ordinary people - everyone can make some kind of decision in style and design. Very interesting, what style will be in your retro house!

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