Scientists at nasa were able to practically prove the

Probably many of you watched the movie «Star Trek» (Star Trek). One of the most amazing technologies in the film was the so-called Warp Drive (worm engine). The drive, which refuted Einstein's theory that no material object can move faster than the speed of light. Long before 1994, the VORP drive was considered an incredible technology of the future. But the famous physicist Miguel Alcubierre suggested that moving with superluminal speed is possible, you only need to imagine the space in a different way, and how it can be used. And just recently a team of NASA scientists came to the conclusion that, from a theoretical point of view warp-drive is feasible, and worth further study. Encouraged by the idea, scientists were able to recreate in the laboratory conditions "Bubbles" deformation of space. The degree of deformation obtained was very small, somewhere around one millionth of a percent. The process was recreated at the atomic level, but this can also be considered a huge leap in the study of the technology of the worm drive.

The principle of the worm drive, engine deformation of space, is very simple. Suppose we have a hypothetical stellar ship that can not fly faster than the speed of light. But if you use artificially created space deformation, you can create a wormhole and instantly move from one point of space to another, regardless of the distance separating them. For this grandiose trip, our ship необходимо будет поместить в энергетический пузырек. Одна сторона пузырька с помощью энергии должна сжимать пространство, а другая позади корабля расширять, почти моментально перемещая ship на немыслимые расстояния. Здесь человечество сталкивается с рядом проблем. Во-первых, энергию какого происхождения необходимо использовать и как много её может понадобиться. Для данного скачка scientists решили использовать negative energy, the existence of which was proved, the difficulty is only in obtaining it. Physicists abstractly calculated that to move several atoms of matter as described above, requires an energy that is three times the energy contained in the sun. At the symposium 100 Year Starship Symposium, ученый из НАСА , Harold White(Гарольд Вайт), представил свою теорию и результаты некоторых исследований. Гарольд предложил поместить ship в форме мяча для регби в центр кольца изготовленного из вещества пока непонятного происхождения, свойства которого позволят воздействовать на пространство с меньшими энергетическими затратами. Здесь на помощь учёным может прийти antiquity, whose properties have not been studied in practice. The plus of this theory is that when moving in this way, all sorts of temporary paradoxes are completely missing. Let's hope that scientists can solve all the problems associated with the creation of warp-drive, and we will witness the advent of the era of "Star Trek".

Photogallery Total | 3 photos Scientists at NASA were able to practically prove the possibility of creating Warp-Drive Scientists at NASA were able to practically prove the possibility of creating Warp-Drive Scientists at NASA were able to practically prove the possibility of creating Warp-Drive