Avant-garde among modern villas, villa in the style of a

Collide face to face with this house can be on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, somewhere near the city of Ashdod, Israel. This miracle or still the work of modern architects was named Neighbourhood XVII Residence, the work was performed by a

Modern architecture: how designers live in california

Design Studio Turnbull Griffin Haesloop presented a project of a private residence in Sebastopol, state California, The USA. A one-story wooden house was built in 2009 specifically for two graphic designers. It is divided into two parts, united by a

4 reasons for the advantages of eco-architecture

A few decades ago, the concept of eco-efficient architecture occupied a very small niche in the international market. No one, except very fanatical environmentalists, did not pay much attention to this concept, and certainly did not look for ways to

Modern architecture: the chedi club hotel in bali, indonesia

Surrounded by lush vegetation and green rice fields of the Indonesian island of Bali, in the exclusive Tanah Gajah estate is the hotel The Chedi Club. It is presented by 20 elegant villas and suites, gracefully scattered over five hectares of
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