"grand layout russia" - the largest mock-up of the country

This is a model of Russia (3d model) of reduced size (scale 1:87), which "describes" our country from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka with the help of miniature designer spare parts and fantasy modelers. To date, Russia's mock-up has not really been

Modern architecture: luxury villa overlooking the gulf in

This one is beautiful luxury villa with 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms is located in the Ao Poe area, Phuket, Thailand. The area of ​​the closed part of the house is 560 square meters, and the area of ​​outdoor terraces of about 400 square meters. From

10 mistakes to be avoided when building an ecohouse

The basic idea of ​​building such a house is to minimize the harmful impact on the environment, so at the design stage it is worth carefully working out all the details, from the foundation to the roof. At the moment, we have enough resources and

10 hidden dangers hidden in your home and how to fix them

We probably never think about the fact that our homes can be potentially dangerous - we are doing everything possible to ensure that our families and loved ones are safe and sound at all times, but often the dangers are not visible and hide where we

Luxury hotel saguaro palm springs in california, usa

Saguaro Palm Springs This is the first luxury boutique hotel in this region, opened in February 2012. The hotel was designed by Stamberg Aferiat Architecture. The main idea of ​​designers was to make a hotel-flower of the desert. The project is

Modern architecture: a two-storey house in madrid in the

Architectural wonders are possible only thanks to some "crazy" people who are brave enough to realize their imagination. Outside the imagination there are those very ideas that are called innovative, brilliant and bright. Most of us dream of homes

Ultra-modern villa in stockholm

The Swedish house presented in the article is a reflection of ultra-modern trends in architecture and design. The white building consists of two storeys and has a huge terrace with an excellent 8-by-5-meter pool, which is decorated with blue

Studio apartment in bologna from the architect massimo iosa

The private house-studio is located in the city of Bologna, Italy and was designed by the Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini from the studio of Iosa Ghini Associates. The project was conceived as a reconstruction of an original building of 600

Modern architecture: paradise place in seychelles

Heavenly place in the Seychelles. Few would not want to be there just so hot summer, and enjoy beautiful views, sandy beaches and azure beaches, sipping some nice cocktail. So beautiful architectural decisions have always pleased, especially in such

Why eco-friendly housing is necessary for everyone

It's time to return to nature. Do not you feel how necessary it is for the world? Looking back, we notice that we really need a more natural way of life. So, natural products take an increasingly important place in all spheres of our life, from
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