Illumination of buildings as one of the methods of design

Light has long been an original element of art. With its help, designers create unique ornaments for architectural structures. Setting the backlight - this is one of the spectacular methods of highlighting a nondescript building. The glowing house

Away from city life: the nelson house, new zealand

Some of the most delightful tales that you see on the big screen (for example, The Lord of the Rings) depict one of the most breathtaking and delightful beauties on the planet, full of the boundless wealth and fragrance of the nature of New Zealand.

The fabulous resort of bulgari resort in bali

Awesome Beauty Resort Bulgari Resort in Bali This is an amazing combination of traditional architectural forms of Bali and exquisite and refined Italian style. Exquisite resort services, intertwine with a beautiful environment and nature around.

Modern architecture: the boutique hotel san antonio on the

The boutique hotel San Antonio is located on the Santorini Island in Greece. This is an amazing romantic hideout for an unforgettable holiday on the Aegean Sea. Built on rocks at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level, the boutique hotel offers

Stunning scenery of dubai from photographer jens fersterra

A series of photographs of the landscapes of Dubai was presented by the German photographer Jens Fersterra. Dubai now represents the greatest collection of buildings and sculptures of the present, made in different architectural styles. A lot of

Modern architecture: a huge mansion on the top of the cliff

Architects of the studio Sao ta together with Antoni Associates designed a mansion Cove 3. Completed in 2010, it is located atop a cliff and is part of the "The Cove" residential complex in the Western Cape of South Africa. The modern residence

The most unusual hotel-trailer in africa - old mac daddy

Old Mac Daddy is a luxury trailer park located in the Elgin Valley, Grabove, South Africa. It's amazing that each trailer has its own unique design - sometimes very cheerful, catchy, memorable and colorful.The hotel has been created for carrying out

Modern architecture: stone house from the studio vo trong

This stone house is located in a quiet residential area near the bay of Ha Long Bay. The grass-grown roof and walls, consisting of stones of muted dark blue flowers, create a special landscape that contrasts with the rest of the residential area.

F villa: stunning villa project on the island of rhodes,

German architects: Peter Thomas Hornung, Elsa Katharina Jacobi, Jan Escher, developed an unusual architectural design. F Villa is located on the island of Rhodes, Greece and is intended for family living. The main entrance to the building is in a

15 amazing buildings in the style of origami

Origami - ancient art of Japan, the main meaning of which lies in the creative folding of paper into various forms. Outside of Japan, this art spread around the middle of the 1900s and inspired artists in many areas of art, as well as
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