Modern architecture: kirchplatz - office and apartment

Kirchplatz project from the studio Oppenheim Architecture + Design is an office and a residence under one roof. Before the architects was the task of restoring the old farmhouse, built in 1743 in the historical center of the city. Today, the office

Country mansion from the studio saota in cape town

'kloof 151' is a country mansion located on green hills overlooking the beaches of Clifton in Cape Town, South Africa. The mansion was designed by a local firm SAOTA, which is known around the world for its unique modern architectural designs of

Wooden house on the hill in geochang from the studio

The house is located in the middle of a quiet area on a sunny hill in Korea, the project was built from the calculation of a quiet home for an elderly couple and their eighty-year-old parents. After a passionate and active life, participation in

Modern architecture: the coolest student hostel in the world

Calling this beauty a "hostel" - the language does not turn. This is a hostel for students in Orestad - the new district of Copenhagen in Denmark. It is called - The student town of Tietgen and is a circular residential building with an impressive

Modern architecture: a warm frame house in amsterdam

We are used to the uniqueness of every private house in Amsterdam, but this frame house is no exception. The house is designed by a creative group Egeon Architects. The family villa is located on the island of Rieteiland-Oost, IJburg and offers a

Magic feng shui: the amazing house jkc 1 in singapore

A short trip to Singapore, in one of the most prestigious areas - Bukit Timah. House JKC 1 was designed by one local company ONG&ONG is a high-level residence, so to say premium class. The architecture of the building and its interior merge into

House in the valley of atzaró from studio de blacam and

The house is located on the north-western slope of the valley of Atzaró, near San Lorenzo. This is a small one-story house, which is based on a light L-shaped layout, which covers the pool and three small gazebos. Since the house is on a slope, a

Modern architecture: hotel banyan tree ungasan in indonesia

Hotel Banyan Tree Ungasan is located on the southernmost island of the province of Bali in Indonesia. Built on the edge of a cliff at an altitude of 70 meters above the Indian Ocean, it offers the highest level of comfort and privacy associated with

Ala architects has completed the construction of the center

In 2005, ALA Architects won a tender for the construction of the Kilden Center for the Performing Arts project in the city Kristiansand, Norway. In January this year the construction was completed. The main feature of the project, which distinguishes

The most popular iconic styles of american house design

House styles around the world are as diverse as the countries themselves, in the United States there are many iconic design styles that have made American homes so popular. Let's look at the most interesting and important styles.Colonial
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