The best motor cultivators for landscaping

Manual processing of the land and arrangement of the suburban area with the help of shovels alone slowly go to the past. To facilitate the physical labor of gardeners, the consumer market offers a variety of motorized machinery that can become an

Colorful house on the coast of cape town, south africa

The residence was built in 2011, the project was presented by the architectural group COA, in collaboration with Fuchs, Wacker architects on the coast of Cape Town in South Africa. Since there are strong winds on the coast, and residents would not

Modern villas hebil 157 in bodrum, turkey

These five modern villas with views of Hebil Bay in Bodrum, Turkey were created in 2012 by architects from the studio Aytac. Their forms were inspired by cascading lava flows of the ancient volcano Kos.Five unique villas located on five arches

22 most useful sites for the architect

Being an architect is not easy. Sometimes they have to perform all the duties at once - from the graphic designer to the handyman, from the data processing specialist to the writer, from the programmer to the speaker. In addition, they often work

Modern architecture: a house in the garden or a garden in

Detached house Sunset Vale It was designed by WOW Architects, a custom-made family from Singapore. The basis for the design of the residence was the mutual desire to use the landscape as the main driving force of the project. The client and the

Unusual cubic house frame house from the polish studio

The house was designed by the designer and architect Michal Nowak. The Frame House project was implemented by the Polish studio 81.WAW.PL. Of particular interest is its unusual structure and species as a whole. The house is permeated with small

Modern architecture: when glass becomes art

The well-known saying "those who live in a glass house should not throw stones" acquires a literal meaning today. Even in ancient times, in one of his treatises, Plato wrote about the dream of building a house in the form of a ball, but none of the

Luxury villa with breathtaking sea views in cala marmacen,

This chic villa was designed back in 1996, the Spanish architect Alberto Rubio. However, not so long ago, in 2008, it was renovated and updated. The villa is located in the vicinity of Cala Marmacen, in Puerto Andratx, Mallorca. The price tag of this

Modern architecture: luxury house in valle de morne, ibiza

Designers and architects from Dublin studios Blacam and Meagher Architects finished a house project in the Morna Valley. Completed in 2012, a stunning luxury home can be seen in the Morna Valley on the Spanish island of Ibiza. According to the

An unusual draft skyscraper from the architect stefan soobla

Vertical Strip - an unusual structure, designed by architect Stefan Soble. His creation is an upturned skyscraper that will hang over the river Colorado in state Nevada next to the Hoover Dam. Due to its location between the dam and the bridge, the
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