Modern architecture: the magnificent colunata house in

Portuguese architect Mario Martins (Mario Martins) introduced the mansion Colunata House in Lagos, Portugal. Photogallery Total | 7 photos

Stephen hall will design a new wing for the mumbai city

The architectural firm Steven Hall Architects was chosen to work on a project for a new expansion of the territory one of the oldest museums in India, the city museum of Mumbai, also known as the Museum of. Dr. Bhau Daja Lada. After winning the

Modern architecture: williams studio - glass house from gh3

Design Studio GH3 from Toronto presented the project Williams Studio - residential house by the lake Stony in Ontario, Canada. This glass mansion was built by the order of a photographer who wanted to live comfortably and work fruit under one roof.

The museum of design in holon, the israeli creative center

Specially created to become a center of creativity and innovation, the Design Museum in Holon, Israel, was Developed by Ron Arad Architects in 2003. The museum collects design collections that are part of the national heritage and reflect Israel's

Modern architecture: the unity of home and nature in

In my opinion, this is one of the best works of modern architecture, as for the design of private country houses. Amazing harmony with nature, sharpness of lines, Newest technologies, the architectural bureau BAUEN tried to glory. Benefit the climate

Modern architecture: treehouse riga - modular home from

Treehouse Riga project был подготовлен архитекторами Appleton & Domingos совместно с дизайнером интерьеров Magda Alves Pereira. Построенный полностью их дерева, этот модульный дом основан на принципах устойчивости и заботы об окружающей среде.

Top 10 benefits of reducing the dimensions of your home

You probably noticed that many people are trying to simplify the lifestyle? Homeowners understand that "life in a big way" does not always mean the more, the better. In fact, you can benefit from a reduction in living space. Regardless of whether

Luxury hotel by the sea qualia resort, australia

Have you already planned your summer vacation? If not, we advise you to think about the trip here. Hotel Qualia Resort is located in on the outskirts of the Great Barrier Reef area in Australia. The hotel consists of small houses on the beach, with

Modern design combined with victorian style: clifton hill

The Clifton Hill House was designed by an architect from Australia, Nic Owen, as an interesting and inspiring combination of old and new. The client wanted to retain some elements of the Victorian style, but do not forget about the modern approach to

Modern architecture: hotel aire de dardenas in spain

Hotel Aire de Dardenas is designed to emphasize beauty of the natural landscape, traditionally used for farming and cultivation of olive trees. It is an excellent example of how modern architecture combined with the natural beauty of the environment
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