10 most unusual modern churches

Church of St. Josemaría Escrivá / Architect - Javier Sordo Madaleno Bringas In the spirit of the Easter holidays, we compiled a list of 10 temples representing modern religious architecture. From the traditional, venerable meeting places of the

Modern architecture: a country house by john pardey

The house is located on the bank of the river Loddon, near Wargrave. Who does not know, this river is located in the vicinity of Berkshire, Great Britain. At the heart of the concept of the house are three basic elements: a living room, a bedroom and

Colorful house of casa seta in peru from the architect

Архитектор Martín Dulanto designed this colorful country house Casa Seta in Lima, Peru, in 2012. The house is buried in a luxurious greenery around, and is also crowned with a beautiful lush terrace.The main architectural idea was very simple, it was

10 tips on how to save on electricity bills

It does not matter if you are rich or poor, a little frugality will not hurt anyone. After all, who likes to throw out extra money to pay bills for electricity, when there are so many more pleasant ways to spend them? Perhaps, sometime your

10 tips for choosing the right window for your home

There is nothing more comfortable than sitting at home and enjoying the wonderful view from the window in the rays of warm sunlight. Perhaps you dream about it, considering that now your windows are far from the best that can be. Or you simply plan

Modern architecture of australia: g house, sydney

Fleming + Hernandez Architects completed the reconstruction of a two-story house for the young couple G House in Sydney. The most important addition to the house was a small courtyard, a green oasis linked to the old and new buildings of the

Cities - rainbows

With the advent of summer, many cities around the world blossom. In all senses. Against the backdrop of the brightness of trees, you can often see the colorful light clothing of residents and tourists. All this riot of colors is additionally

Modern architecture: house on the island of krk in croatia

The house on the island of Krk in Croatia was designed by the studio DVA Architect. Private residence with an area of ​​386 sq.m. is intended as a holiday home, but in the future it can become a permanent residence of the owner. Located on the beach,

Mediterrani 32 - an industrial house inspired by the words

The house was designed and built in 2012. An important point for architects was to bring maximum closeness to the surrounding nature. The project was completed by Isern Associates and inspired by the words of Monet, an Impressionist painter who

The modern church in norway froeyland orstad

LINK Arkitektur completed the design and construction of the modern church Froeyland Orstad in the small village of Orstad, Norway. The building occupies the order of 2100 square meters and inside it there are 600 seats, as well as a small pool for
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