Modern architecture: winter gardens in singapore - an

Winter gardens in Singapore, designed by the architect Wilkinson Eyre, are part of a large-scale park complex Gardens by the Bay and represent a combination of modern design and innovative technologies in the field of climate control. Photogallery

Exclusive jasri beach villas in the lush jungles of eastern

Sixty miles east of the streets of Kuta and Seminyak there are Jasri Beach villas, a couple of untouched beauties, nbut the coast of the Indian Ocean on the one hand and on the other bordering the jungles of eastern Bali. Villas are built for

Residence for a large and young hawthorn family in australia

Studio Canny Architects has just completed the development of a modern project in the suburb of Melbourne, Australia, for a young family with three teenagers. The main task for designers from owners was to create an independent living room area for

Modern architecture: a beach house, australia

Awesome house Seaview House in Barwon Heads, Australia - a project Jackson Clements Burrows. This country house simply captures the spirit, from the exterior and ending with small things in the interior of the house, everything pleases the eye and

Modern architecture: ayada maldives - a stunning hotel in

Ayada Maldives is a new spectacular hotel in the Maldives, the opening of which occurred in November 2011.Ayada Maldives is a new luxury resort, nestled among pristine reefs in the southern part of the atoll of Gaafu Dhaalu, in the southern part of

The tranquility of modern architecture in the suburbs of

Outwardly reminiscent of the riot of the holiday Water House was built by the studio Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas and is in fact one of the quietest and serene works of modern architecture in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. According to the

Modern house in the alps from the studio ralph germann

The country house is located in the picturesque place of Friborg, in the Swiss Alps. It was built especially for a young couple who were looking for beauty and peace and, at the same time, a place where it was easy to meet 20 guests. Ralph Germann

Unusual house in kyoto, japan from the architects of the

This residence is a project of the Japanese studio of architects Fujiwarramuro. The house is located in Muko, Kyoto, Japan. Its amazing form partly arose because of the surrounding area's residence. Every day when the sun rises, inside there is a

20 historic buildings in london

Think about which of the magnificent houses and historic buildings of London is worth visiting? London is a city that has become home to an extraordinary variety of the most outstanding buildings, famous for their magnificent interiors, from Tudor

12 designs of modern pools

Soon the summer and on a hot day especially would like a little coolness, many just leave for the beach, but there are those who have their own pool or have the opportunity to go to where it is. We present to your attention a selection of 12 colorful
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