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We plan the design of the garden in winter - the best ideas

Have you thought about how your garden will look like in 2016? Winter is the best time to sum up the past season and consider the various options for change. Typically, an empty winter garden allows you to see the real structure of space and get a

Summer verandah photo 38 examples and ideas - the perfect

Today every owner wants to create a real paradise for his fence. Indeed, the summer verandah is a photo of 38 examples in the article, the perfect place in your home where you can relax and unwind. Just see what beautiful and varied options exist.

What is a modular fence? (41photo)

Modular fence is one of the types of prefabricated enclosing structures. Unlike other types of modular structures are assembled and created only to order. What do these fences differ from others? Are they safer than brick? Modular fence - the most

Landscaping of a private house with their own hands with 30

Before you begin to create a landscape design for a private house with your own hands, you should ask yourself some important questions. What do you expect from your court? Do you need an entertainment area where you can actively spend time with your

Canopies of polycarbonate in a private house - 30 photos of

Having its own house, cottage or dacha, each owner tries to equip as comfortable as possible not only the internal situation, but also the adjacent territory. Canopies made of polycarbonate in a private house have been very popular for a long time,

Veranda attached to the house: 25 photos of interesting

The veranda attached to the house is a wonderful solution not only to increase the useful area, but also to transform the exterior of your home. Most designers believe that the veranda must be in every country house. After all, you will agree, it is

Inexpensive pool for a yard or a summer residence: 6 ideas +

July heat and brings thoughts of water, swimming, cool rivers and lakes. It is difficult to imagine a man who in this weather would refuse to have his own pool for rest and cooling. Especially if he has a backyard or works at the dacha. However, not

Canopies for cars made of polycarbonate - 30 photos

Canopies for cars made of polycarbonate are certainly a very convenient option for owners of private houses and villas. An open canopy has a great advantage over a standard garage, since it ensures a constant airing of the car, which, in turn,

How to create a project baths in the style of the chalet (49

The individual design of the chalet-style bathhouse is not just a building document, it's a whole work of art. For its creation, it is not enough to estimate the dimensions and technical characteristics of the future structure and find an expert. To

Interesting projects: a sauna with a gazebo under one roof

Many people today want to have a country sauna with a gazebo under one roof, the designs of such buildings are popular, as it is functional, reliable and economical. Bath and gazebo are important and necessary structures in any territory outside the
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