Court and now

How to turn a small courtyard into a comfortable place for

Spring is just around the corner. It's time to think about where you will admire the view of flowering trees, have breakfast in the fresh air or just relax after a hard day's work. Do you have a terrace, a porch or maybe a small backyard? In this

Transfiguration of the facade and courtyard: 18 houses

We present to you 18 vivid examples of how you can make your home even more beautiful and hospitable in appearance! Change the landscape design, change the outer skin of the house, decorate the porch, reconstruct the veranda and much more! 1. Bright

Landscaping of the country house: planning and photo sites

Country houses are designed for recreation and unity with nature. Therefore, their design is usually characterized by simplicity, informality and convenience. The landscape design of a country house should emphasize the architecture and be combined

30 ideas for stylish verandah decoration

What kind of private house without a veranda? Only an open area with comfortable furniture gives you the opportunity to experience all the benefits of living outside the city and simply owning your own courtyard. Can you think that your veranda is

Spectacular attic in the style of the chalet (41 photos)

Modern designers tend to gravitate toward simple interior. This includes the attic in the style of the chalet with its concise lines and practicality. The attic is a kind of loft that forms the roof. The name itself was formed on behalf of the

Modern design of a private house: photos of the best houses

Collect ideas in order to create an attractive design for a private house? Photos of the following modern houses must necessarily get into your piggy bank, as they embody the best trends of our time: Desire to have more free air; Aspiration to

Alpine slide with your hands - step by step instruction and

Today we will talk about one of the richest traditions in gardening and landscape design. Alpine hill or rock garden is a beautiful composition of plants and stones in the garden. As it is easy to guess from the title, this composition is created to

Summer kitchen with a veranda - varieties and advice on

A cozy and well-equipped summer kitchen with a veranda is very popular with owners of private houses and villas since the middle of the last century. In the reminiscences of many, since childhood, there have been gatherings on the kitchen veranda in

High technologies: sauna in high-tech style (50 design

The high-tech bathhouse is not only a design, but also an architectural solution, although this style is mostly used in the interior of living quarters. In this article, read:1 A bit of history and style characteristics2 Bathroom Hi Tech3 Laconic
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