Alienware mk2: futuristic car project

Alienware MK is a futuristic car that is grown, not assembled, as we are used to it. Will it be possible? More recently, Stanford University engineers have successfully built a biological transistor, it's just a matter of time before we start

Collection of clothes for apocalypse from central saint

In case that the prediction Mayan were the truth, and the end of the world nevertheless came, the collection of apocalypse clothes from Central Saint Martins for survival in extreme conditions would be incredibly relevant. The collection was

Amazing speakers moktak portable

Who can resist the speakers that you can take anywhere with you ?! Moktak it's portable, open dynamics. They are designed specifically for travel, outdoor activities and just for your favorite music was always near you. The speakers have a flexible

Project over the skyscraper kingdom tower from the chicago

The Chicago Company Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill (AS + GG) were officially announced as architects to develop a project beyond the skyscraper Kingdom Tower (Tower of the Kingdom), which should be built in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Originally the planned

Exciting architecture with zaha hadid: galaxy soho

The final fifth project of Zaha Hadid «Galaxy SOHO», is at the design stage and refers to projects that will soon see the world. Футуристическая structure, smooth forms of merging, which creates an internal space for offices, shopping and

Budgetary version of redevelopment of the old garage in the

Look how the artist, writer, photographer, actress and mother Sarah Greenman created an art studio over the weekend, spending at the same time not more than $ 300. That's what she told us about her project. "Each choice of design in my house is

The majestic beauty of wild animals in photos marina cano

Marina Kano is a talented and internationally renowned naturalistic photographer who takes amazing shots of wild animals. Her adventurous projects allowed her to visit different countries of Europe and Africa and take pictures of animals in their

New year's creative from christophe huet called "happy box"

Amazing New Year's creative from Christophe Huet under the name "Happy Box". Christophe percolated on the theme of New Year's gifts and did something incredible, crazy and creative! And what gift did you decide to make for your New Year to your loved

Office interior design

With the advent of office space, the issue of their convenient, comfortable, non-standard design was sharply raised. When designing the space it is required to execute it in the same style, correctly arrange the necessary furniture, organize a

Superheroes like ice cream on a stick from chungkong

Superheroes like ice cream on a stick from Chungkong. Photogallery Total | 7 photos
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