The compact tablet concept from patrik eriksson

Although most of us are still looking for tablet advantages over laptops, the next generation is already thinking about blurring the boundaries between smartphones and tablets. This device is a kind of concept a pocket tablet, a happy marriage

Ecoboomer igo: self-balancing electric bike

it vehicle it seems a bit strange, but more recently a new balancing model of a single-wheeled scooter appeared on the market.The 26 kg (57 lb) vehicle is balanced on a 16-inch wheel with integrated gyroscopes that detect changes in the bike's

Perfect protection for iphone 5

The metallic "cover" for your iPhone 5 is an aluminum case made from a single unit of aerospace aluminum, which withstands enormous loads and mechanical impacts. The case has shockproof properties, which without a doubt will save your gadget in

The colorful symmetry of tokyo in the works of shinichi

Tokyo, like many other densely populated cities, is a great place to shoot a science fiction film, especially when neon lights turn on in the evening. Although many photographers know how to make great photos of the night city, using long excerpts,

Colorful landscapes by alan coles

Alan hails from Abertillery, which is a small town in Wales, UK. Alan Colis (Alan Coles) is fond of photography of picturesque landscapes and he's very good at it! His work is simply amazing with its beauty, there is a wild desire to visit these

4 stunning short films

More and more short films are gaining popularity, especially in the fantasy genre. Young, ambitious directors increasingly receive support from the producers, which allows them to translate their thoughts into stunning imaginative films. Modern

Around the world: in search of beauty

Continuing the theme of searching for inspiration, I present you with a colorful selection of photos on the theme of beautiful places from all over the planet.In the photos you can find such famous places as Shli Lanka, Seychelles, coast of Australia

Tenderness and beauty of nature in photos lynda murtha

Linda Murt from the time of birth believed that most of her predisposed to art. As a child, she tried herself in watercolor, after growing up she already used butter. But I was very disappointed in my abilities.Linda loves perfection in everything,

6 incredible projects for the reconstruction of garages - it

If you want to make your house more spacious, but you do not have the opportunity to build an extension to it, pay attention to the garage. Weigh what is more important to you - additional residential meters or the roof "over the head" of a family

New luxury aston martin 2014

After nearly a five-year hiatus, the British automaker Aston Martin was brought back to life. The new car is equipped with an atmospheric 6.0-liter V12 the engine capacity of 565 hp which provides a torque of 457 Nm, Aston 2014 accelerates from 0 to
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