New prototype from hyundai: hcd-14 genesis

Presented at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, HCD-14 Genesis is designed to demonstrate the future direction of design Hyundai rear all-wheel drive cars of premium class. For premium sports, the four-door coupe, the

First there was a sound. all about the art of sound design

What is important for a sound designer to know, what is the feature of interactive audio, what is it like working with a person who made sounds for the Matrix, where to get the "Holy Grail" of a sound designer and how can a profession change a life?

Parked cars around the world

It would seem that there is nothing supernatural in the photos, but how much life is in them, how much variety. New York photographer Franck Bohbot created a series of photos of parked cars in different places.The photos reflect modern trends in

Lykan hypersport's elegant and incredibly expensive concept

At a recent exhibition in Qatar, an Arab company introduced its steed named "Lykan HyperSport". Exhibition Qatar Motor Show 2013 was held on January 29, 2013, where the most unusual cars are waiting for their visitors. According to experts, this

The fairy-tale lake baikal

Baikal is a wonderful place, I would even say fabulous, everyone who happened to be there remembered this moment for the rest of their lives. Nature of Baikal leaves an indelible impression that you want to keep in your memory for many long years. No

System of personal viewing 3d from sony

And by tradition, Sony has introduced the next generation, installed on the head of the 3D display for viewing video. Although the HMZ-T3W retains the same display resolution as its predecessors, the image quality has been significantly improved. The

Fashion: warmed to winter, big scarves

Recently, the use of scarves instead of caps, but they have undergone some changes. For example, they began to have a wider elm, the scarves became much wider, which allows them to be used for other purposes. I myself have bought myself one of these

Smart-watch from samsung will go on sale sooner iwatch

And by tradition, Samsung Electronics is in a hurry to release its product to the market faster than its main competitor, Apple. According to fresh information from The New York Times, in September Samsung will present a portable smart-watch device

Philippe malouin - simplicity and happiness, money in the

Philippe Malouin one of the best designers of the year, according to W Hotels. In the video, a small interview about the studio, owned by Philippe, about her philosophy and her life. Philippe says: "In life, it is necessary to do what makes us happy.

Tours in san jose, costa rica

In the Republic of Costa Rica, which occupies only 0.03% of the surface of our planet, more than 5% of all animals and plant species on Earth live. It is a picturesque country with an original culture, incredible nature and hospitable, affable native
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