6 important points to consider when converting a garage into

Among us, there are always those who are interested in the need to accommodate children and aging parents who returned to their homes. Earlier we considered the alteration of lofts and cellars into living spaces. But there are many houses without

Vasa ship museum in stockholm, sweden

Vasa is the only one preserved in the world to this day ship of the XVII century. Thanks to the fact that more than 95 percent of the original elements of the structure are preserved, as well as hundreds of carved sculptures, Vasa is a unique

Makr shakr robotic system for making cocktails

Researchers from MIT Senseable City Lab in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Bacardi Rum have developed Makar Shakar, a robotic system for mixing beverages. The development is presented at the Google I / O Annual Developers Conference in San Francisco

Mount roraima - the lost world of the gods

Mount Roraima - lost world of gods. Почему затерянный мир? Потому что в 18 веке предполагалось, что на вершинах подобных столовых гор могут сохраниться реликтовые формы жизни — в том числе и динозавры. Почему world of gods? Потому что Рорайма — на

Around the world: castle-fortress hohenzollern

Castle Hohenzollern (German Burg Hohenzollern) - castle-castle, 50 km south of Stuttgart. It is considered the patrimony of the Hohenzollern dynasty, which was elevated throughout the Middle Ages and ruled by Prussia and Brandenburg to the end The

A journey through south america

In early 2012, Clemens Krüger, Vincent Urban and Stefan Templer began their journey through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and South Brazil in their old and rusty Land Rover. They took their cameras and some other gadgets with them to

A car as a domestic pet - how to write a supercar in the

In today's article, we suggest that you consider the original interior of the garage in the house. Luxury cars are a symbol of extravagance for their owners, and most such happy owners value them as a member of their family, even allocating a

A stylish and ergonomic mouse for your laptop from frank guo

Although tablets are becoming more popular, many people still rely on their laptops. Designer Frank Guo presented his design idea of ​​how a mouse should look for a modern laptop. The device is made in the form of a clip, which is very convenient to

A strange gift to a cat or cat's cosplay, the chinese are

Strange gift his cat named Guagua (Guagua) for his birthday made a Chinese woman with a nickname toshiya86 - a user of the Chinese microblogging service Sina weibo. I took the fantastic and adventure images drawn on the cardboard and put the head of

Video: high technologies of the future from quantic dream

French studio-developer of video games Quantic Dream, created a video where they presented their vision of future technologies. The video demonstrates the process of creating a realistic humanoid robot, a girl named Sarah. Photogallery Total | 5
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