Bezobodkovy toilet - 31 photos of modern models

Impeccable modern view of the bathroom depends largely on the plumbing installed in it. In particular, a good option is a harmless toilet. This is a fairly new model, which showed good performance in operation. It is able to provide the bathroom with

Ambitious project of the national stadium in tokyo from the

The architecture of this stadium is slightly similar to the bicycle helmet, but this did not prevent the sports council of Japan to choose an architect Zaha Hadid for the implementation of his project of a new Japanese national stadium, which should

Lg and samsung release smartphones with curved cases

We all remember those bulky phones that had a curved shape. The purpose of this design was to bring the microphone closer to the source of sound - the mouth. Like many retro trends, the curved shape of phones is embodied in today's world of

Cape stolbchaty - surprising cape in the kuril islands,

In Russia, more than enough truly unique places. One of these is the Stolbchaty Cape in the Kuriles. This UNESCO site is a unique geological formation in the form of a solid stone ledge rising on the beach. Outpoured volcanic rocks formed narrow 4, 5

Around the world: fiery waterfalls, usa

Fiery Waterfall Horstale, or "Horsetail Falls" (Horsetail Falls) - a unique natural phenomenon that is worth seeing to everyone. He is in Yosemite National Park in California, USA. Yosemite National Park is an interesting place with unique groves of

Convenience and style in everything

Some time It is a network filter that offers a simple solution to the problem of cumbersome cables. The device has 3 independently rotating rosettes, which together form a triangle, ideally suited for packing excess cord by simply wrapping around the

Emotional portraits of celebrities from yu tsai

The most important tool of any good actor is the ability to convey any emotions in a qualitative way, however, in the direction of Kristen Stewart, not a few reproaches were expressed after the shooting of the Twilight trilogy. But still, as they

Ten hours in kiev

Docking between flights at ten o'clock was a good occasion to walk around Kiev. Relatives dissuaded and warned, but we enlisted the support of Kiev friends, took a camera and went to Maidan and Khreshchatyk. It was a weekday, the city was living its

Around the world: paris in the fall in the works of gokhun

We all know perfectly well that Paris — это пристанище безнадёжных романтиков, донжуанов и ловеласов, да и про особый шарм этого города так же слышали думаю все. Но каждый фотограф, который занимается с Parisем видит его по-разному. В работах

Scientists were able to write 700 tb of data in one gram of

Two scientists at the Harvard Institute George Church and Sri Kosuri demonstrated the possibility of storage 700 TB data in one gram of DNA. Currently, binary data can be translated into a sequence of basic DNA-par, and then returned directly to the
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