Around the world: denver through the eyes of photographer

In the works of Brandt Campbell in front of us opens a wonderful city of Denver, however in unusual forms. Quite gloomy colors, fogs, crowded streets - all this casts a parallel with Silent Hill, but still fascinating.Brandt himself from Denver,

Advanced robot salamandra robotica ii from biorobotics epfl

Laboratory Biorobotics EPFL (Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne) presented its latest work, robot amphibian latest generation. Prototype combines the latest achievements in robotics and neurobiology.Salamandra Robotica II в настоящее время

Ira lippke wedding photographer from brooklyn

Most photographers who run high-end studios in New York do not have a past like Lippke. "My parents are Hippies Christians," he explains. The elder of five children, he did not go to school, studied all over the house, lived in the Northwest, in

Around the world: wonderful scenery of honolulu

Who ever did not want to visit Hawaii Islands? I think this is the dream of many. Honolulu is one of the cities on these islands, translated from the Hawaiian language honolulu means "secluded bay". And in fact, there you want to be alone with

The concept of a multifunction portable controller from

NF Tab It is designed to be the only and multifunctional control panel for everything that is in the house. An infinitely programmable platform is capable of synchronize work of home theater, peripheral devices, computer systems. Moreover, NF Tab

Creative cinema advertising in brazil

Brazilian advertising agency Globalcomm created an advertising campaign for a new cinema in the Praia de Belas Shopping Center with children in the role of famous movie heroes such as Jack Sparrow, Forrest Gump, Edward Scissorhands and others. I

Elyona chernenko master photo collages from ukraine

Elena Chernenko, which has a few more different names, for example, Cassandra - fully held and universally recognized master photo collages. At the exhibition of this photographer almost all the Kiev beau monde gathers, and fame goes far beyond the

Stunning scenery of romania from photographer elena simona

Young Romanian Photo by Elena Simona Craciun is engaged in photography landscapes. It sings the beauty of its native mountainous region, its amazing nature and vast expanses.Elena lives and works in Iasi, Romania. To shoot, she loves mostly beautiful

Cloak of the invisible from hyperstealth, canada

Based in Maple Ridge, Canada, Hyperstealth claims that they have developed an invisibility cloak, using technology "stealth quantization"to ensure complete invisibility throughout the visible, infrared and ultraviolet spectrum, deflecting the rays of

Nature: the beauty of the scottish lakes

Traveling in Scotland photographer Roger Merrifield photographed reflections on lakes. According to him, the photos required a lot of patience, because suitable weather conditions without fogs, rains and strong winds are rarely these edges.
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