Retractable parts in a car for family travel: an overview

Retractable parts of the car-minivan Designers of interiors, furniture and all kinds of products often use retractable parts to enhance the functionality of their creations. Hidden components, similar to what we see on the top photo, are typical for

New york - extreme - photography by tima sklarova

Photographer Tim Sklyarov lives and works in New York. Moving on the Big Apple on a bicycle, he made a series of pictures with the eyes of a road bike. Photogallery Total | 6 photos

Lana del rey's candid photo session in gq uk

26-year-old American singer Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey) became the main heroine of the October GQ UK. The magazine awarded Lana the title Woman of the Year GQ. The author of rather frank pictures was Ben Pruchnie (Ben Pruchnie) Photogallery Total |

Demonstration of a realistic petman robot

Robot In the stomach was developed by Boston Dynamics with the financial support of the program of the Ministry of Defense. It is used to test protective clothing intended for use in extreme environments and hazardous environments. The video

8 practical tips for winter garage operation

Mountains of snow on the horizon mean that it is time for the constant use of shovels, snowplows, skis and much more. Prepare properly winter inventory and equipment for daily use, rationally equipping your garage. The organized hangar, which acts

The best concept cars of 2012

We survived the end of the world, met the new 2013, and now it's time to take stock of 2012, which gave the world the most unusual and colorful concept cars. From eco-friendly electric cars to completely abstract and outlandish cars of the future.

Futuristic concept car renault dezir

New endgngn car from Renault - electric car Renault DeZir - the first project developed under the guidance of Laurens van der Acker, the new chief designer of Renault. Concept It is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 100 kW (150 hp) with

Exciting pictures of nepal

Nepal is certainly one of those places that attract and cause an unquenchable desire to make some stunning photos. Himalayas, Everest - all these are components of a stunning and spectacular landscape of any photographer.The photos show a place that

Unique myrtle forest in argentina

Мирт - fragrant evergreen tree. He has dark green, as if polished leaves, beautiful flowers. The leaves of myrtle contain essential oil, which was used to make incense. Myrtle was a sign of fame and good deeds. Myrtle wreath with roses in antiquity

Design solution of the housing issue - the transformation of

Have you ever thought about the fact that an ordinary garage or an unnecessary storage room can be turned into a small and cozy apartment house? If not, then the famous artist, designer and part-time experienced welder from Seattle - Michelle de la
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