Advertising: salma hayek for german vogue

Unrepeatable, passionate, luxurious, restorative ... damn it! this list can be continued indefinitely! Salma Hayek is an amazing woman! I even terribly envy the photographer Alexi Lubomirski, who shot it for German Vogue. Of course I understand

A breathtaking video of a thunderstorm near the town of

Photographer Mike Olbinski took 4 years of unsuccessful attemptsto fulfill your dream. June 3, he, together with Andy Hoeland, managed to capture an amazing time-lapse video of a thunderstorm near the town of Booker, Texas.Even though they are

Amazing modding for apple devices from lazerwood

Company Lazerwood offers an unusual modding for your Apple device. The keyboard is made of a thin wood veneer, a walnut or cherry is offered, an upgrade is available for all models MacBook, as well as wireless keyboards. Handwork takes a lot of time,

Photo around the world: helsinki

Today in the section "Around the World" a collection of photos from the city of Helsenka is presented. Photogallery Total | 34 pictures

Scale of the scale of the universe!

Today I came across an entertaining piece, a scale of the universe, this flash card literally swallowed me up for 20 - 30 minutes. When scrolling with the wheel, you can see how the sizes of visible, and invisible objects of the observed universe are

Flyidea: a concept phone from the designer tryi yeh

FlyDead - an amazing phone with an attractive design and interface. In the complete set with the concept is applied its main counter - headphones. Устройство выполняет огромное колandчество функцandй. Беспроводные headphones сandнхронandзandруются с

Empty garage: 10 practical ways to redesign for recreation

A garage is more than a house for a car. People who need to increase their living space are very resourceful. For a billion reasons, many people do not want to invest in real estate today. The family grows, there are children, and the place for

Hyperkara from koenigsegg and hennessy will set new records

The war of horsepower among hypercar It seems that the world elite will again break out in the next 12 months, when Koenigsegg and Hennessy will present new versions of their Agera R and Venom GT. While there are no official data on the

Exciting architecture with zaha hadid: city art center

New project «City Art Center» It is created to become a new cultural place of the province Sichuan. The center is designed to become unprecedented in the collection of projects of world-class arts. The NCCAC also said it would become a regional

Around the light: pool in infinity

The most expensive resorts in the world compete in design luxury swimming pools-infiniti, merging with the horizon. Imagine a pool, the edge of which goes directly to the ocean or merges with the horizon, creating the illusion of infinity. The
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