Design of a bathroom with plastic panels

The bathroom along with the kitchen is traditionally referred to the premises with a "complex" microclimate. It maintains "chronic" moisture and high temperatures, which will not withstand every material. Until the beginning of the last century,

Design of a small bathroom: design details

Hollywood owners of huge bathrooms with access to the balcony or panoramic windows overlooking the ocean can only be envied. In real life, such apartments are rare. Most owners of individual apartments are not ready to sacrifice square meters in

Bathroom in a private house: 45 modern ideas on the photo

Modern dwelling is difficult to imagine without such usual conveniences as a bathroom and a bathroom. No matter, there is a bathroom in a private house outside the city or in an apartment, in any case, it is necessary to approach the creation of its

Bathroom decor +60 photo ideas

Without a cozy bathroom in the apartment it is impossible to imagine comfort. The design of the room and its implementation can be attributed to the most labor-intensive repair tasks. This is due to the fact that the room is often characterized by a

Bathroom repair by own hands - step by step instruction with

When performing repair work in the bathroom, it should be borne in mind that this pleasure is quite expensive and requires maximum responsibility. It also takes a lot of time and energy. Considering the expensive work of specialists, many prefer to

Bathroom with shower cabin design

Scheduled renovation of the bathroom often turns into a reconstruction. In an effort to create coziness, expand the useful area, modernize the environment, many abandon the standard large-sized bathroom model in favor of a more ergonomic design.

Bathroom design 3 sq. m. - 42 photos of the idea

Even a room with a small area deserves a unique and original interior. But the development of a 3 sq m bathroom design will require a lot of effort to combine with the aesthetics the necessary functionality. It is not bad to orient among a variety of
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