Sliding glass shower doors: 35 photos in the bathroom

Shower cabins in our time - a thing quite popular and in great demand, and sliding glass shower doors can be found in many modern living rooms. And this is completely justified. Mankind has appreciated the convenience of using shower cabins, and

25 ideas for the design of the bathroom in khrushchev

"Khrushchev" - one of the most common types of buildings. These apartments are equipped so that the need for redevelopment certainly arises (there is a catastrophic lack of a native place). Especially it affects the bathrooms with very scanty

Modern toilet design

A man spends his life in the toilet for about 6 months. Therefore, it is necessary that the toilet design, in addition to functionality, has aesthetic qualities. In the design of the toilet room, it is important to skillfully combine colors with

Bathroom in scandinavian style: interior ideas

In recent years, the Scandinavian style has become particularly popular among the design of the premises. People are tired of piling up meaningless things and are trying to equip their homes with the minimum necessary. On the quality of life this is

Fashion shower fences and pallets for bathroom design

This article will be useful to anyone who wants to have a stylish and comfortable shower in the bathroom. Conventional shower cabins are quite simple to install, but can not fully provide either a beautiful environment or comfort during a shower.

Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

The modern bathroom has many functions. It serves as a room for washing, washing, storing cosmetics, various household trivia, which should always be at hand. Therefore, the design of the bathroom must meet all the needs of the owner. Do not forget

Tile for toilet: examples of design

A bathroom is one of the most important places of the house, a city apartment. It is important to observe sterility, but because of the high humidity materials are not all fit. Ceramic tiles have proven themselves, because it is easy to clean,

Black and white bathroom (80 pics) - ideal options for

Among consumers and professional designers, one-color design is one of the most popular, and specifically the bathroom in black and white directly emphasizes the exquisite taste of the owner. Table of contents of the article: Psychology of

Luxurious baroque bathroom (38 design ideas)

The bathroom in the Baroque style is a real gem of design. Luxury and taste unite, creating the uniqueness of the environment and color gammas. Baroque emphasizes the consistency and exactitude of the owner of housing. This is a life-affirming style.

Bathroom design 5 sq. m - layout and interior

Some design the bathroom 5 sq. M. m in Khrushchev can seem overwhelming task. This is explained by the lack of space for permanent items. Others will find such dimensions more than sufficient. Correct organization will help to achieve successful
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