Design of a narrow bathroom: extend visually

The bathroom is a must for most modern apartments and many private houses. In some places it is very spacious, wide, then there are no problems with the arrangement of sanitary equipment, no household appliances. But most places are not very many -

The simplicity of the rustic country-style bathroom charm in

Bath in the style of country will suit those who have a burning passion for the traditions of the Wild West. A surprising combination of objects of such an interior can be attributed to everyone in the beginning of the twentieth century. Therefore,

Bathroom decoration with plastic panels - 70 photo ideas for

There is no such person who would not have dreamed of a comfortable and at the same time stylishly decorated bathroom. Ethically beautiful bathroom, helps to get pleasure by taking water treatments. To realize this desire, the design of a bathroom

Shower without a cabin and a pallet: 75 photos

A shower cubicle is a convenient, profitable acquisition, especially for a close bathroom, in which even a small bath can not fit. The cab without a pallet is placed on the podium, laid out with tiles or simply on a flat place, with a slight slope

Design of a small bathroom

Thinking over the design of a small bathroom, it is important to make it look as spacious and fresh as possible, because first of all this place is meant for rest and relaxation. How can this be done? We offer you some fresh ideas! 11 ideas for the

Ways to decorate the bathroom with tiles +50 photo

The use of tiled finish in sanitary facilities significantly simplifies the cleaning and ensures the duration of maintenance. But the chosen tile decor in the bathroom should be appropriate. Before buying a collection you need to evaluate their

Bathroom design with window +75 photo

The bathroom window is a modern trendy trend, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views while taking a bath. Allow themselves such luxury can only owners of their own country cottages or apartments of improved planning. Possibility of additional

Bathroom furniture - 110 photo ideas of beautiful furniture

The design of the bathroom is not limited to the choice of facing materials and installed sanitary ware. An important part of the bathroom interior is the furniture. Our article with photo furniture for the bathroom will help to solve the problem of

Modern bathroom in classic style

When planning a bathroom repair, it is important to determine the style of decoration. The bathroom in the classical style is the best interior solution for people with good taste, which combines beauty, luxury and elegance. The advantage of this

Bathroom faucets - a variety of models and advice on

The choice of beautiful and reliable plumbing can be an interesting quest for the average person. Bathroom mixers, presented in store windows, can have the most exquisite design, but not be of high quality. In this article, we will look at the types
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