Bathroom design - 30 photos of interior design ideas

Most people believe that the design of the bathroom begins and ends with the choice of finishing material and its color scheme. In fact, this is a broader concept. On request, individual zones can be identified: use combinations of textures, make

Design of the bathroom in the style of minimalism (50 ideas

Bathroom in the style of minimalism is an ideal interior solution for owners of small rooms, where the rational use of space is in the first place. Observance of the principles of minimalism can visually enlarge and expand the space even in a small

Bathroom luminaires - photos of the best modern lighting

Among the huge number of lamps, ceiling lamps for the bathroom are quite popular, because they have interesting characteristics that are indispensable for creating unique lighting of rooms. Table of contents of the article: Principles of choosing a

Modern design of the bathroom +80 photo

The interior and decor of the bathroom in a modern style of dwelling should correspond to the needs of the household, to please the eye, to give an opportunity to retire and relax. In the process of repair it is important to choose high-quality

Mosaic in the bathroom: design +75 photo

Mosaic tile rightfully refers to the oldest of all existing versions of the cladding. The first mention of its use falls on the fifth century BC. Since then, a lot of time has passed, a huge number of technologies have been replaced, a large number

Modern design standards for a bathroom in high-tech style

Bathroom in the style of high-tech - for those who are not striving for pompous luxury, but for a stylish design with non-trivial furnishings. Today it is fashionable to decorate the interiors of houses and apartments in a variety of styles.

How to design the interior of the apartment and the bathroom

The design of the neoclassical style bathroom is becoming more and more relevant. Why the style of the neoclassic? This is a classic interior design, in which new details, features and materials are used. From the classics it differs in that the

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom - expert advice, a review of

Stretch ceilings are the best option for decorating different rooms. What stretch ceilings are suitable for a bathroom, let's look at it together. Table of contents of the article: Rational choiceChoice of colorsFrom what create stretch

Tile for the bathroom - photos of the best bathroom

The bathroom is a unique room in every house in which a person daily sets himself up. For some, the bathroom is a favorite place for privacy. Actually, therefore, the design of this small room should be comfortable, exquisite, simple. Not innovative

Decorating the bathroom with tiles - the best ideas for

Bathrooms - spaces with high humidity. Therefore, the repair materials in this room must be easy to wash and have waterproof properties. For this reason, the bathroom is tiled. We offer to familiarize with this article, having learned ways of
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