Bathroom design with corner bath - interior photo

Not every apartment owner can boast of a spacious bathroom. Repair here has always been and remains quite a costly and time-consuming task, regardless of the size of the room. The modest area of ​​the bathroom often leads to a dead end. How to

Interior design of the bathroom in 2017 - 150 photos of the

When decorating a bathroom, the main condition is the proximity to the latest design directions. This room should help not only to distract and restore the lost energy, but also to adjust to the working mood. Table of contents of the article:

Washing machine under the sink in the bathroom - interesting

An excellent solution for a small bathroom is the assembly of the sink over the washing machine. So you can save space in the room, because it will combine the two most important components. Table of contents of the article: disadvantagesHeight of

Suspended ceilings in the bathroom - 130 photo ideas of

Not all ceiling systems are used in the bathroom for the reason that they do not maintain a constant high humidity. What are the advantages of having a false ceiling in the bathroom, what kinds are there, how to mount it? Table of contents of the

Bathroom in classic style: interior design

As time passed, the epochs changed, and the classics staunchly sustained yet another blow from the rapidly emerging directions. Most of them were experimental in nature and passed into oblivion, unable to withstand competition. The classics stayed

Design of a small toilet + photo

An integral part of any living space, a bathroom (or a separate room for a toilet) can rarely please with its large size. As a rule, it is a bathroom, in which there is very little space and the situation depresses. State construction standards, even

Bathroom designs: 100 best

Repair is a grandiose change for any apartment. If earlier it was possible to be limited to simple furnish and standard registration now to an interior began to concern much more demanding. To create a unique design, many hire professionals. When the

Bathroom interior - 110 photos of beautiful design in the

The interior design of the bathroom can not leave indifferent modern man. After all, where do we go every morning in the first place? The answer is obvious. And it's not only in the morning, but also throughout the day, we repeatedly visit the

Bathroom design in loft style - interior photo

First of all, the loft style implies a combination of non-standard modern things together with obsolete furniture. The room, with the right approach, is able to successfully combine a modern snow-white shell, located on an ordinary wooden rack or

Red bathroom - photos of the best ideas for decorating a

Traditional color solutions in the design of bathrooms have long gone into oblivion, and not very expressive colors, now replaced by brighter and more bold shades. Most designers try to make the interior of this room more and more extravagant,
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