Design of a black and white bathroom + 75 photo

The combination of opposites, black and white, contains many philosophical overtones and poetic metaphors. Monochrome scale is a win-win and popular option in interior design of bathrooms. With this design it is important to properly balance the tone

Design tiles in the bathroom - 50 modern examples

In the bathroom, a modern person spends a little time, but it is the image of this room that can make a day, tuning in to a good mood and help to find harmony in the evening. Before getting the right emotions, we must find a compromise between

Bathroom in scandinavian style - 23 photos of interesting

Bathroom - a place in which it is so nice to retire after a hard day's work and relax. Therefore it is very important that the design of the room is relaxing and laid-back. The bathroom in the Scandinavian style fully meets these criteria. However,

A spectacular chalet-style bath (55 unusual interiors from

Bathroom in the style of a chalet is a good way to create an atmosphere of coziness and to emphasize the eccentricity of the inhabitants of an apartment or house. Recently, both in Russia and in Europe, ethnic and retro trends are gaining popularity

Glass doors for the bathroom - interesting solutions for 25

Everyone dreams of making their homes perfect. For someone the main thing is to create a simple but cozy and comfortable environment, and someone is after new trends, trying to keep pace with the times. This is expressed not only in the basic

Interior of a small bathroom - 115 photos of an ideally

What is the first thing to pay attention to, thinking through the interior of a small bathroom? If the room in the literal sense of the word "room", it is unlikely that anyone will have difficulty with the arrangement of the basic furniture, all the

Bathroom interior combined with toilet - 115 photos of

A house is a fortress. Are there such people who have not yet said such words ?! In this case, even if the fortress is very formidable, the bathroom and toilet are needed "whatever one may say". In the modern world, they are also necessary to produce

Design of large modern bathrooms

A large bathroom with a window is a great happiness for all family members, bliss for a woman and unspeakable luck for a designer is where to apply all your skills. When building a private house. Choosing a ready project or designing a house

Laying tiles in the bathroom - full step-by-step instruction

Probably everyone thought about the fact that you need to make the tiling of the floor and walls in the bathroom. But many do not imagine that this will not require much effort. How to lay tiles in the bathroom, you can read in the instructions

Curtain for the bathroom - varieties and 50+ photos

Blind for the bathroom, like many accessories, is one of the necessary parts, which, in addition to performing the function of decor, has other useful qualities. First of all, it serves as an obstacle to moisture on the floor and walls, thus
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