Around the world: crystal lake wolfgangse, austria

Wolfgangse - lake in Austria, on the border of the federal states of Upper Austria and Salzburg. The lake is located in the famous resort region of Salzkammergut, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Water in Wolfgangsee crystal clear, has a

An unusual pocket keyboard "qii" from the american engineer

American Engineer David Brown developed a pocket QWERTY-keyboard, which is unusual for its flexibility and compactness. Transparent keyboard "QII" uses touchscreen sensors and a textured surface for convenient use on virtually any surface. Based on

Robotic exoskeleton ekso bionic

The robotic exoskeleton was designed to increase a person's physical capabilities, endurance, mobility and many other parameters. We've seen a lot of great projects, such as Honda or ReWalk auxiliary devices. Ekso Bionic is another exoskeleton

Dancing dragons: architectural masterpiece in seoul

Dancing Dragons (dancing dragons) in Seoul, South Korea. These are two very tall skyscrapers with amazing multifunctionality and mixed architecture. The towers include office and residential areas. Dancing Dragons are created not only as design from

Batman: arkham origins - official trailer

Batman: Arkham Origins - a story that tells how "young, inexperienced, but hungry for justice" Batman becomes famous for the Dark Knight.The action of the new part will occur before the events in Batman: Arkham City. But the developers did not begin

Lamp that does not shine - the king edison suspension lamp

Крошечная люстра внутри кулона-лампочки! Подвеска The King Edison была разработана Young & Battaglia для Mineheart. Дизайн был разработан в дань уважения лампы Эдисона.A tiny pendant is suspended on a silk rope. The pendant looks very unusual and

Greatness and beauty of the great wall of china

The Great Wall of China still inspires many travelers, thinkers, photographers and ordinary people, with its grandeur of beauty and power. This is certainly one of those places where most people dream of visiting at least once in their

The project of a compact functional annex to the existing

The most common architectural solutions when it is necessary to increase the useful space of any building are the superstructure of the floors, if the supporting structures allow it, or an extension in the presence of free areas on the site. In this

Impressive social advertising from wwf

Social advertisement is intended to raise public awareness of certain important issues. And so creative advertisements, like these, will really achieve their goal. Photogallery Total | 9 pictures

Product store design: photo project examples

Standard grocery stores have a completely predictable layout, typical lighting and a boring color scheme, which is diluted with aggressively bright signs of the location of products and catchy advertising of promotional items of the month. But a nice
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