We set in the garage an exemplary order - how to make the

Not every owner of a garage, a shed or other subsidiary building will be able to say that inside it is an exemplary order. Typically, the introduction of chic and attempted organization of storage systems is limited, at best, by the device of

Three-dimensional structure of the milky way galaxy

A fascinating representation of our galaxy in three-dimensional space. Stunning riot of colors and light, boundless spaces, which are even difficult to imagine. Watch the video in full screen mode;) Photogallery Total | 8 pictures

Video: rick mereki - independent director and illustrator

Rick Mereki - an independent filmmaker and illustrator, the article presents a series of his works devoted to life values. After viewing the works, a sense of desire for life wakes up and the understanding that we mostly sleep, instead of living,

Mysterious forest - puzzlewood in goldsshire, united kingdom

Even the name conjures images of ancient peoples, elves, wizards and hobbits. Once you get there, you can easily think that you are lost somewhere in Middle-earth. In fact, John Ronald Ruel Tolkien was fascinated by this place, and, they say, it is

Deserts in utah, exploded in colors

The Badlands region in the west of the USA is famous (or notorious) for its waterless and harsh landscape, adorned with sharp, weather-beaten peaks of rocks. Nevertheless, if you get here at the right time and if there are favorable conditions, you

Around the world: the most beautiful corners of the world

Continuing the search for inspiration amicably we come across amazing photos of world resorts: Fiji, Maldives, Hawaii, and so famous, unique and delightful Dubaithe capital of luxury and beauty. You can also see in Myanmar's photos, if you do not

A wonderful series of photos of young animals from sharon

Sharon Montrose (Sharon Montrose) is known for its photos of animals. This time she made an unusually touching series of portraits of the lovely little children of our smaller brothers. It is assumed that the photographs will be used in the interior

The most incredible projects in the annual evolo magazine

Architectural Magazine eVolo Magazine announced the winners of his annual contest of futuristic designs. All participants demonstrated truly fantastic buildings and structures. Many of the projects will probably never be realized, but at the same

Electric supercar concept one ev from rimac automobili

Recently Rimac Automobili (Croatia) in the salon Prive (Great Britain) showed the concept of an electric supercar. The car works on four separate electric motors, the concept runs 373 km on one charge. In Rimac, the system's torque (R-AWTV) directs

The world's thinnest wireless touch interface

Technologies are constantly striving to minimize, becoming more subtle, miniature, and smart. Not far off is the time when the most powerful personal computers will be able to fit on a sheet of A4 paper.CSR has developed the world's thinnest wireless
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