Around the world: valencia through the eyes of gokhun

Valencia - one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, in the works of Gokhun Guneyhan, she appears in dairy, as is already customary to see in many works of the photographer, paints. Stunning examples of architectural solutions by modern designers

Travel to the eastern coast of nova scotia

This is the story of a small trip to the East Coast of the amazing and unforgettable Nova Scotia, its vast expanses, extraordinary coastal towns, with its unique way of life and customs - all this we have to visit. It was only three June days ...

Concept camera duo from the designer chin-wei liao

Looking through the majority of photo albums, you will notice how many pictures do not have the photographer himself. Designer Chin-Wei Liao created a concept that allows the photographer to get into the frame. Duo splits into two cameras in order to

Teaser for the game prey 2

Prey 2 - the continuation of the game Prey, released back in 2006, is an open-air science-fiction shooter about the air marshal, Killian Samuels, who is kidnapped by a brutal alien race. The game is developed by Human Head Studios, and the publisher

Stunning scenery of a young photographer from australia

A young amateur photographer, known as AtomicZen. She is engaged in photography of landscapes and seascapes for the last two years. Currently resides in Sydney, Australia. This gives him great opportunities to travel around this country, as well as

Non-standard solutions in outdoor advertising

Let's talk about outdoor advertising.For outdoor advertising is any information of an advertising nature, located in an open area. Cloth is everything - the surface of buildings, structures, elements of street equipment, billboards and so on.In the

Smart new watch from sony: smart watchthis

Smart-WatchThis is a continuation of LiveView, accessory which was launched in 2010. LiveView was launched as a beta product, to monitor how consumers reacted, and interacted with the gadget. Quality WatchThis was significantly improved, the new

Timescapes - the world's first film, put up for sale in 4k

TimeScapes is the world's first film that was put up for sale in 4k format, that is, at a resolution of 4096 x 2304 pixels. In addition to this resolution, the film is available in any other HD formats, on Blu-ray discs, as well as on DVD. To the

Wardrobe room in 5 square. meters

The dressing room is a separate room for storing clothes, shoes, which most women dream of, even some men. In very small apartments, you will have to settle for the best at the closet, in more spacious there is the possibility to equip the whole

Tiny people against the backdrop of mighty nature

No matter how absorbed we are by our daily problems and stresses, nature is always an ideal place to escape from all this. The majesty of nature can make us feel small and insignificant, and at the same time at least temporarily forget all the
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