The abundance of light and amazing forms of garage garage of

The destruction of stereotypes is a process that, with a rational approach, can help achieve amazing results. The scope of design in this case is no exception. GARAGE OF THE BEARS garage is unlikely to remind you of gray, oiled rooms. Bright rooms,

Two-room house turned into an exclusive garage for 16 cars -

It's time for automotive subjects. Introducing a new vision of garages as such. Despite its impressive size, when viewed from the street, this belvedere house has only 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Perhaps the owners of this home thought that too

Around the world: slovenia from a bird's eye view

Slovenian scientist Matjaz Chaher (Matjaž Čater) has a doctorate in forest ecophysiology and works at the Slovenian Forestry Institute. And still the young scientist likes to soar above the ground at an altitude of 800-1000 meters on own deltaplane.

Stunning sky soho project in shanghai from architect zaha

Zaha Hadid along with a group of architects radically changed the silhouette of China in recent years. Their modernization, which was conducted in China, has an incredible conceptual integrity. One of 5 great projects Sky SOHO at Shanghai уatенчался

Concept of racing electric car zeod rc from nissan

Nissan introduced the ZEOD RC - the fastest racing car in the world, which will develop a speed of more than 300 km / h, exclusively, using electrical technology as early as 2014. The car will use the same technology of lithium batteries as in the

Snowflakes under the electron microscope from beltsville

Amazing images of snowflakes increased under an electron microscope from Beltsville. Beltsville is an agricultural research center in the state Maryland. In this series of photographs, various types of regularities discovered in snow from a close

40 places that are definitely worth a visit

Our world is full of indescribable beauty, both man-made and natural, and it's hard to say if one life is enough to actually enjoy it. Most of us probably will never see everything that this world has to offer, but it's worth a try! We present to

Creative stickers montre post-it

Smart gadgets, regularly and persistently remind us of our plans and actions, displacing thus all sorts of notes for notes. That such notes are not out of fashion, the designer Doriane Favre invented original stickers in the form hours, capable of

Recon jet: augmented reality glasses for athletes

Recon Jet – Heads-up Display (HUD) for Sports — это enlarged reality glasses for people professionally engaged in cycling and triathlon. According to some sources, in the near future there may be a transition from the concept to the finished product.

The most unusual skyscraper in europe: hsb turning torso

Turning Torso is located on the shore of the Erunds Strait in a Swedish city Malmö, and has the status of "the most unusual skyscraper in Europe," although some experts in the field of architecture and design consider it "the most unfortunate
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