Toilet design - modern ideas for 2018 with a photo

How important is the design of the toilet? On the one hand - this is a fairly simple room, in which no one usually linger longer than necessary. On the other hand, placing a toilet next to the kitchen and living room makes it one of the most

Modern kitchen gadgets

Modern trends in the interior of the kitchen are updated annually, allowing to minimize the work. The new trends are so interesting that even those things that have never been thought about seem to be the most necessary.Gadgets for cooking Original

We equip the room for the car: which gate to choose for the

Traditional swing door designs give way to modern models. Today, it is increasingly possible to meet rolling, lifting and turning, sectional. What is their difference? In the methods of opening, in the installation technology, in the heat-insulating

Parked in perfection: stunning design of car garages

One of the greatest people in Europe and the favorite of Manchester United, George Best was one of the first great football superstars. A man who, in spite of everything, was bored in the abundance of wealth in his life, told the world: "I spent a

Design projects for the interior of the confectionery

For those who are going to open a confectionery shop, to make a "fresh" repair in the already available, it is useful to know all about its beautification. Successful design is one of the most important items on which the success of this institution

Conceptual player-bracelet creative

The device to which the author assigned an uncomplicated name MP3 Player Creative, differs advanced technical characteristics: its outer part is covered with flexible touch-sensitive OLED display, and for the actual listening of music the couple

Laferrari: a new hybrid supercar from ferrari

LaFerrari - new supercar released in a very limited edition, this is a special series of cars with a horse on the hood, was presented at the Geneva International Motor Show 2013. The HY-KERS system and carbon chassis are just a small part of the

Photo gallery of design ideas for arranging a modern garage

With the advent of a wide selection of building materials and tools, new approaches to the design of rooms for different purposes have emerged. The interior created has changed beyond recognition, especially in a space such as a garage. Today it is

A small-sized car of the future p.u.m.a.

General Motors together with Segway developed electric double car prototype future under the name P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility - Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility). Equipped with only two wheels. The main idea of ​​this

Video: teaser for the game cyberpunk 2077

A colorful teaser and a small photo material from the shoot to a new game Cyberpunk 2077. It was always interesting how they shoot such videos and when I saw this dozen cameras on the set was, frankly, shocked. Titanic work of operators and
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