The amazing iphone 5s concept with embedded projectors

Meet! The first concept iPhone 5S with built-in projectors. Quite recently, user complaints began to subside on the iPhone 5, which could be scratched pretty much on the first day of use, as rumors of the next smartphone model from the apple company

Nvidia demonstrated an incredible graphics system for mobile

Thanks to the new design of the mobile system on the Logan chip, Nvidia not only raised the bar, but exceeded all expectations of game graphics for mobile devices. In an impressive demonstration of Logan, the company showed an incredibly realistic

The concept of the smartphone nokia lumia play

Concept smartphone Nokia Lumia Play can be called with confidence the dream of any child and gamer. Extremely powerful hardware capabilities can provide stunning graphics. Smartphone can act as a gamepad for xbox 360, as well as to be an independent

Prestigious competition of the best skyscraper of the world

Every year Tip on high-rise buildings and urban environments (CTBUH), a nonprofit group based in the State Technological Institute Illinois, chooses architectural masterpieces from around the world, which are a combination of sustainability,

Basic rules of man's style

The right choice of style, as well as following its principles - is very important for a real man. However, many who are still in search of their style, as well as in becoming like men, so they have some problems that we will try to solve.1. Feeling

Twinkind: 3d-photo studio in hamburg, germany

Now that you can be scanned and printed in a miniature form on a 3D printer, the usual two-dimensional portraits seem like the last century. Of course, this novelty is more expensive than conventional photography, but now Twinkind, located in

The future has already come with the tesla model s

Perhaps you've already heard about the startup of the silicon valley electric car Tesla S. He rightly can be called the king of electric cars. Most recently, according to the magazine Motor Trend, Tesla S became the best car in 2013. Maneuverable,

Toilet bowl - types and design features of the model

Many of us would like to have a variety of high-quality and comfortable bathroom fixtures for the bathroom, although in small-sized apartments it is not always possible and it is necessary to choose the most necessary. The modern toilet-bidet is a

Remarkable projects of private houses with garages

One of the biggest problems of a single-family house is the garage: its design, dimensions and location. Practice, when a building for several cars is often located closer to the street than to the front door, you need to change. The best solution

Portraits of wandering ascetic monks in photos joey l

Brooklyn photographer Joey L has been working for many years the project "Holy Men", which contains a huge number of photos of ascetics from around the world.Joe went to India (for the third time) in March 2011 and spent a whole month there,
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